So a little backstory....first we got Kodi...he is a dream dog.  Perfect in every way, except he sheds year round haha.  But that can be overlooked.  We fell in love with the breed and decided to get another, and everything we read said the best dynamic would be a male and a female.  We got a little female named Riley when Kodi was about a year old...she was spunky as can be, and tiny....she never got over 22lbs.  She was very "in your face" and demanding for attention.  She was potty trained, but when I had my daughter she started peeing/pooping in the house every day.  We had a dog trainer come out and teach us how to train her...basically they told us things we already knew, and they couldn't even get her to do basic obedience stuff. She was just downright defiant.  She also was constantly trying to dominate our male, and they'd get into fights frequently as she got older.  Well, we put up with this for about a year after my daughter was born, and though we'd never dream of just getting "rid of" a dog, it just so happened that my Father in law's wife died and he came to visit us...while he was here he met Riley for the first time and fell in love.  She listened to him, and he is the only person she EVER listened to.  We knew it was the right thing, so we let him take her.  We still consider her "ours" and since he is an older man we asked that if anything ever happened where he couldn't keep her that we wanted her back. forward a husband and I have been missing having 2 dogs, but we wanted to avoid another situation like before...we decided that the only way that it would work out is if we could possibly find another male with the same sweet, laid back personality that Kodi has.  A few days ago on craigslist we found an ad for a 7 month old male corgi.  We were wary at first because it is craigslist, but we scheduled a meeting and Shortee has had our heart ever since.  He is the personality twin of Kodi, which is what we wanted, and we stil get our "puppy" but he's already house broken and crate trained which is soo nice!  They get along SO well and are not having any dominance issues at all.  He also came from a reputable breeder and we saw pics of the parents and have the registration papers.  It is so rare to come across such a dog for free on craigslist!  IT was totally meant to be!  The owner said he picked us since we already have a corgi and we told him we are "corgi" people :)

Anyway, so I am wondering, have you all noticed such a marked difference between males and females?  They almost feel like different female was sooo prey driven and neurotic and high strung, and the males seem as laid back and couch potato like as they come.  I don't think I ever want to own another female now.  Was my female just not typical?

Does anyone else agree that 2 males is a better dynamic together vs male and female?  I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!

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In this breed, I've had several breeders say the males are easier than the females. Our breeder said the males are "What can I do for you?" while the females are "What have you done for me lately." That said, both of mine are pretty good. My girl can be pushy about getting attention and is jealous when we give attention to the other dog, but she loves to be petted. Jack is fine when I pet Maddie, but he starts barking and being a pain if I try to train her, and he loves to train. So really they are the same in that regard, just about different things.

My girl has a much higher prey drive and is the one who will chase fleeing things. She is harder to train, but that's because she's a bit of a ditz. She's actually much less stubborn than my boy. When it comes to people, the female is more submissive and easier. When it comes to dog-to-dog interactions, she can be a bit snarky on a leash but is pretty good loose. You may have just gotten a very drivey, pushy girl.
I have two Cardigan boys ages seven months and five and a half months. We got our second boy two months after the first. The two are very similar in temperament (more passive than their sisters) and although they play REALLY hard, they adore each other and get along like soul mates (see the pix of the two on my page). Our breeders did tell us the boys tend to be less "bossy" than girls. Anyway, we have had absolutely no regrets bringing two corgi boys into our home. Best of luck to you and your destined-to-be-together pair!
Not that way for me... Sparty was a handfull from day one. Very active and tended to test the limits. Also very dramatic! Both Buffy and Izzy are and were very easy going and love to be petted and lay around. Definitely Princesses! I think as with people they just have different personalities whether they are male or female. Maybe some of the breeders that have had many corgis can say if one sex or the other is more laid back...
I've had a revolving door of fosters: MMF, MFF MFMM...etc. From my observation: It really depends on their personality, gender can play a little, but it really depends on the dynamic of the existing family and the new addition's personality. I've had 2 foster in particular where they would fit perfectly with one of my dogs, they would do even better than what we have currently. In another words, there are "soul mates" out there :)
Mickey and Walter are two from a shelter, one from a breeder..long story short after much research we found out they are in fact brothers. Same parents different litters. They are "soul mates" as Sam put it. Although completely different personalities in every single way they complete each other. We even have started to have whining when the other gets too far ahead when we walk them. If my boyfriend is up front with Walter and Mickey and myself stop so he can do his business there is NO WAY Walter will continue. He needs his brother...

That being said we also foster dogs and have never had a problem with any dogs we fostered. Although they were never best friends with Mickey and Walter and vice versa there was always a respect worked out within the first 3-4 days. We have also always ended up fostering female dogs. It has never been a problem for us...but we do love our two boys together. When they play with female corgis they have fun...but deep down they just want to go off together and chase and cuddle! :)
Our first Corgi is a male named Harley. He is very easy-going as well. When he was a year old, we got Sophie, from the same breeder. His mother and her father had the same parents, so I guess they are "cousins." Sophie has always been a rowdy little girl and keeps up with Harley and the other dogs when they visit (Our two sons each have a Corgi as well). Every day is just a great big romp for these two! They have so much fun together! There is a lot of growling and barking, but no aggression -- it's just the way they play together. From talking to our breeder and other Corgi owners, I think you may have gotten one that's the exception to the Corgi rule of good-natured dogs that get along well together. I don't know about the training yet. She is just six months old, and we'll start at Petsmart on the 28th of August. She was easy to house break and crate train, so I don't anticipate any problems with the classes. She'll do just about anything for a treat!
She isn't a tri is she? Reference has been made on here about female tris and yes...I have one. Obedience and agility helped but she MUST HAVE a job!!!!!!! and hers is chasing balls. If she is being Livvy...I get a ball out and we chase balls! She's fine after this but we do this at least 3-5 times a day or she's getting into something but has been much easier since I discovered this to be her "job"!She does love kids and adults plus the other dogs she lives with just not strange dogs!

Glad you found her a good home...sounds like it's a great fit for both!!!!

No, I do not think your female is typical as I have 3 others and they are not like Livvy, I believe she has a stronger need for a job!
My three boys are very different from one another: the #1 dog at 4 years old is a bit aloof but very gentle. #2 dog who is 2 years old is the policeman for everything and the new boy who is just 8 months old is the most independnet of the three! He'll run off into the woods all by himslef while the others stay together. I stayed with males as i added other dogs becasue I'd heard and read about male/female tensions.
No, she was a sable, not a tri...and about the ball thing, balls were her job too...only she took it to the extreme. I sincerely believe that I could kill her if I wanted just by throwing the ball ALL day...she won't stop, even at extreme exhaustion. That's where her neurotic, OCDness comes in I guess. It got so bad that we eventually had to get rid of ALL balls, because if we tried to take her out for 20 mins and play ball, the WHOLE rest of the day all she would do is ball hunt in the house and tear things up looking for a ball. She tore all the balls up too, and FAST. She was like a search and destroy bot or something. The dogs got along for the most part up until the very end. Then they got malicious. Kodi wanted to be left alone, and Riley was relentless with him. She didn't so much want to spend time with him and have his attention as much as she wanted to just constantly nag him and abuse him. She got away with it most of the time because she was smaller and Kodi was very patient but after he had enough he'd let her know, and she didn't take no for an answer too well and that's when the fighting started as play fighting, what corgis do, and led to blood being drawn, and with an infant in the house it just wasn't ok.

@ Vee Luther, that's sooo funny that you have a dog that you consider the "policeman". We call Kodi "Sherrif Kodi" because that's what he thinks his job is too. If people are rough housing or arguing or even just playing sometimes he will always try to get in the middle and bark and break it up! This goes for other dogs too.

So far Shortee just seems as laid back as can be. He is a red and white, 8 mos old...He will follow me room to room but keeps a good 5 foot distance unless I call him over to me. He seems a tad stubborn but like Kodi he is a people pleaser and seems very eager to learn. We are going to really enjoy putting him through training, he is a tad on the shy side and I think it will give him confidence. Before he came here he was in his crate pretty much 24/7, except for the 3 days a week he was in doggie daycare. His owner worked 70 hour weeks. He is LOVING the attention here and he took no time at all to adjust, he is already settled in and acts like he's been here his whole life. I love him to pieces already :)
we've always had 2 males, no problems! the first combo, Odie was definately the alpha and Lucky seemed to have no problem with it - he played ball 24/7 and herded everything in site (his jobs, he is all tri) our current combo, no alpha. They just tolerate each other (both are rescues) and Sonny is not sociable at all.
Yes, we definittely have a policeman in our Pats (Patrick Henry). He takes on this role with other dogs, the 2 cats, anyone who visits, and any change whatsoever in the environment. He's very noisy because of this, too. I've noticed that he stays on the terrace instead of charging around the acreage like the other 2 (big dog and puppy). He seldom investigates on his own but seems to guard the terrace instead.

The dynamic between him and the puppy has mellowed a lot but he still does "lessons" of snarling and snapping and open mouthed feroicious noises. Ii don't know how much of this is personality vs his order in the trio.
Kodi is exactly like that, though I don't think he took that role on until he turned about 2. I think it started when we added the second dog, but it didn't just apply to other dogs, he is like that around kids too. He is a great "guard dog" ( I say that in quotes because he'd be horrible when it came to actually attacking anyone, but he will alert the whole house and can bark like a big dog and be pretty intimidating to any potential intruders). Once when my 2 year old niece visited she unlocked and opened the front door and wandered outside...Kodi stayed right with her the whole time and barked to let us know she had gotten out. His job is to preserve and protect the pack. Whether that makes him alpha, I'm not too sure...but when he turned 2 he started his "job" and his personality changed to suit this. He used to just be my big cuddly lap dog but now his priority is to guard.

This is another reason I love Shortee so much, he reminds me of Kodi before this personality change. I know when Shortee turns about 2 he might have his "calling" and take on a job like role, so I am trying to enjoy his happy go lucky puppiness right now. He just follows me around everywhere and wants to kiss me and cuddle all the time :) It's priceless! I wish I had understood Kodi better when he first started to change, I think it upset me and I took it a little personal that he was no longer putting me first in the way I wanted him to...but now I understand that he was just doing his job!


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