Hello, Gilly just turned 10 weeks and so far has been in great health.  This morning, there was a good amount of a white foamy vomit in her crate.  I took her for a walk and she went 1 and 2.  After bringing her in, she proceeded to throw up.  I took her out again and she pooped, then threw up about 3 times (only the first one had much in it).

Once I brought her back in I tried to have her drink some water, she had no interest in it.

Then I looked through some previous messages and was unable to find much info about the stomach noises.  She has been sitting here while her stomach continues to make weird quirky sounds.


One of the previous posts suggested her stomach may be empty, but she has no interest in her food either.


Any help/ideas??

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Rice and chicken broth and maybe put a little boiled chicken in it.  She should eat it up.  That used to stay down with Lilly. She would have a bout of the heaves and diarrhea about once a week until I took her off puppy chow.  I feed canidae now.

Hope she feels better soon.

sounds to me like she's hungry :) Give her some time, she should start to eat soon. If not, you can always cook up some egg whites and mix it in with her regular food to get her to eat. However, if this becomes a regular thing, you may want to think about switching her food to something else. My dog tends to get tired of eating the same thing day after day, so she may just need something different for a while. Good luck!
I would watch her if she continues to vomit I would get her to the vet ASAP, a puppy that young can dehydrated very quickly and go down hill really fast!
I agree, a puppy that young can go downhill very fast if they are not eating and are vomiting. Better to be safe! Call the vet if it continues.
I always assumed foamy throw-up meant there was nothing in the tummy to throw-up. If she isn't drinking water, I wouldn't let her go too long before taking her in to the vet. Noodles has tummy issues fairly often and his vet is always concerned if he isn't drinking water on a regular basis. I've never let him go longer than a day if he isn't drinking water. As for food, I realize he can handle not having food for a couple days, but water is a necessity. Noodles has been dehydrated a couple times and has been hooked up to IV's for fluids, so definitely don't wait too long. I hope she feels better soon.

You could try boiling some chicken breast and mixing it with a little rice and see if she will eat that. Or add a tablespoon or two of low sodium chicken broth to her water and see if that gets her interested. I've also given my dogs vanilla ensure when I was concerned they weren't getting enough fluids. Was her poop normal?


Usually that foamy puke is from an empty stomach and I'd just suggest giving her a cookie right before bed. However, if she normally enjoys her food and suddenly has no interest it might be time for a call to the vet. Make sure her gums are still nice and pink.

10 weeks is very young and you can try the chicken,rice and broth but don't wait to get her to a vet if this doesn't stop soon especially if she's not drinking water.

Took her to the vet this morning.  He said her temp was good, gums were fine, and couldn't say exactly what might be the case.  Pressing on her stomach he said she felt really gassy and gave us some meds for vomitting and the gas build-up.  Gave her half of one of the pills when we got home and after her nap she started acting fine.  No stomach rumblings and she drank some water.  I just now fed her because he said to allow some time without eating.


Thanks for the feedback...

Glad things are getting better:)
My Snowball used to do the same thing. More stomach noise than anything. After an hour or so it would stop and he would go his merry way. Maybe just upset belly but with a puppy might be extra careful because dehydration(SP) Sounds like you took care of it.


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