The breeder is currently feeding the puppies Iams but we definitely want to switch to a different brand.  We bought a small bag of his current food to ease him into the new brand, but can't seem to find quality food.  I have heard good things about Blue Buffalo as well as Wellness brand food, but when I read the ingredients, they're just as full of preservatives and mystery ingredients as any other dog food brand.

What do you feed your dogs?

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I feed my guy Flint River Ranch lamb and rice, you can only order it online but it ships to your house for free in two days. Both of my dogs thrive on it, I love it because it has no preservatives, contains human grade quality meat, and exclusively made in America.

I have both corgis and the 3 cats on Blue Buffalo and I have been very happy with the results.  Steady weight, good coats, no digestion problems...they've been on it for over 2 years now.  Some people like it, some people hate it.  Each dog (or cat) is different and will respond to different foods the same as people do.  Previously I had the dogs on Pedigree and had problems with weight gain with the dogs.  I haven't changed the feeding amount but the dogs stay at a more consistent weight even in winter when they get less exercise.

Look up Orijen by Champion Pet Foods. The most highly rated dog food by Dod Food Advisor. Yes, it is expensive, but it has never had a recall and all the ingredients come from local providers around the manufacturing location. You can order it online from

I feed my dogs and pups either Canidea(all life stages) or Taste of The Wild(salmon). Large breed puppy is a must for a pup if you are going to feed puppy food as they need a food that is 24-25% and no higher. One of these also has a puppy food. Dog food advisor does give ratings and ingredients so you can look at that. There is a discussion on MyCorgi also you could find.


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