Maddie's worsening hind end weakness sent us searching for a sturdy harness with a handle on top so we can assist her if needed on single steps, or if she gets wobbly on uneven ground.  The vet said it would be a good idea and we agreed, so we went off to PetSmart and found none.  We then tried Pet Supplies Plus and found one we really like.  It's the Petsafe Easy Sport Harness.

The sizing is funny.  Based on the measurements, she should wear a medium, but she ended up needing a small.  We kept the medium because it fits Jack, and we thought we'd try it on him.

She isn't crazy about wearing a harness so we are getting her used to it slowly.  What I don't like is that you have no control of her head, so if she decides to wander around aimlessly looking for sticks, it's hard to get her head up.  But I think once she gets used to it, it will serve its purpose.

It really shines, however, for Jack.  It may be hard to tell by the picture, but the hook for the leash actually sits on top, in the middle of the back.  I don't know how it would work for a puller, but for a lagger like Jack, it's perfect.  A gentle pull on the leash starts to push him off-balance enough that he can't plant his feet; he needs to move to keep from getting tippy.   Jack is trained through CGC and he knows "heel" but on a normal loose-leash walk, he tends to sometimes have his own ideas about where he wants to go.  If his plan is different than ours, he will do the Corgi foot-plant and lower himself to the ground so his low center of gravity works agains us.  This harness makes it very difficult for him to do that, because when I pull on the leash it puts pressure up from underneath his body and gives me, instead of him, the mechanical advantage.   He looked a bit surprised and a little perturbed, but the harness didn't seem to bother him or give him any discomfort.  And the harness distributes a pull around his body instead of on his neck, which I never did like.   He also sometimes crowds me a bit if he is in a situation where he is likely to get a treat and is looking up at me in a formal "heel" position.  With this harness, if I push the leash away from me it puts gentle pressure against his inside torso which pushes him back out to the correct position, in much the way you'd use a leg aid to push a horse out into a corner.

I will see how he does once he gets more used to it, but so far it seems to work well.

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Looks good Beth. We went to a stroller with our Buffy years ago so she wouldn't miss out on walks. I still have it hanging in the garage hoping that we'll never have to use it again. Keeping Maddie s spirits up is an important part of this journey.

Thanks Bev!  I was just thinking today about what we can do around the house, as her mobility worsens. She likes to follow us everywhere and would not be happy stuck in one spot.   If she will use one, we can use a cart outside, but inside she'd get hung up on doorways and stuff.  And then I remembered your stroller and thought that  if it comes to that, we may be able to put her in a wagon or something to take her from room to room.  

We shall see.  I don't really know what to expect.  

Looks great Beth! I'm glad you were able to find one that works. Years ago before Calvin went to live with Joanna I bought him one but it was much wider....this one looks so streamline.

Yes, it doesn't restrict shoulder motion at all.   Maddie tries to bite the neck for some reason, but she did that when we tried to get her in a car harness too.  She'll get used to it.

That looks good.  Yeah my biggest problem with Max and a harness is he knows I have no control over him and I can't use a collar because of his neck.

Hope Maddie gets use to it quickly and it works good for her.

She has learned already that we won't pull her leash on a walk, since she is a bit unsteady, and she is already taking full advantage of that.   Corgis!  

Hi Beth. Is Maddie a Pem or Cardi. I looked at the harness you listed and am interested in getting it for Tajar. He is a Cardi so thinking maybe medium??

Both Jack and Maddie are Pems.

Maddie weighs 28 pounds and wears a small.   He chest is 22 inches and by the sizing guide it would seem she should wear a medium, but the medium sits too far back on her and the girth ends up being at a narrower part of her chest, so it was huge.

Jack is a big Pem.  34 pounds, with a 16 inch neck and 24 inch chest.   He wears a medium, and it's not anywhere near being as tight as it could go.   

So I would say all but the daintiest of female Cardis would likely wear a medium.

glad u found harnesses that u like :) for all those same reasons, this is why i prefer and recommend harnesses. most people think u have no control over a dog with one but honestly i feel i have way more control and i dont strain his neck and understands a correction much better. i think if more people tried one they would see just how much better they are (just my thoughts)

I know they can make pullers just pull harder, but for lagging or wandering they are great.  The look on Jack's face when he realized he couldn't just plant his feet was priceless.

lol i could imagine! he can be stubborn at times im sure. i remember he plans routes in his head and wont change his mind and how he just love to smell everything. baden gets like that too, wanting to mark every little thing he sees. its get annoying but i try to remind my self the walk is for him not me lol


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