Well, it's officially started getting cold, wet, and muddy around here, so a lot of my favorite activities to do with my corgis have been disrupted to some degree! Of course, a little mud and rain never hurt anyone so we continue going on walks and whatnot, but the dog park has fairly unpleasant from all the rain, and my female corgi Honey doesn't care for the rain and prefers to mostly stay inside when it's rainy out.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of fun indoor activities to do with my corgis to keep them mentally stimulated and make sure they continue to get enough exercise. This isn't a big concern or anything, as my dogs get quite a bit of exercise and play together inside as well, but I was just curious if anyone has any ideas! After all, it's fun to mix things up and try new games. What are your dogs' favorite rainy day activities? :)

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Pooka is a fetch lover so I just find the longest, least breakable area of the house and I throw various balls and toys, trying to get it past her by throwing it different ways. I also will often make her do a trick between throws to keep her from dieing.
Fetch, kongs and other treat balls/ toys are always a hit in my house. You can also teach your Corgi to find hidden toys and treats. You could make your pups sit and hide yourself in another room and call them or use a squeaky toy for them to find them, or show them a treat, make them sit, and then leave and hide the treat in another room and call them into find them. Po also loves to settle down with a chew toy near the heater (which is something we have to be careful of because over our winter he got a little singed)
I use winter for a lot of indoor off-leash training. I keep things quick and use lots of rewards, so they think it's fun. You can do so many things up and down hallways and through the rooms. I set out treat mazes and practice "leave it" and then after we've left it, I'll randomly stop at each treat "station" and ask for a trick or command before handing out the treat. I've taught "back up" and walking on both sides (left and right) so we do off-lead healing with lots of stopping, starting, direction changes, and backing up to heel. I play "soccer" up and down the entry hall, and bounce a lot of tennis balls. If you really want to practice a good firm stay, put your dog on "stay" and then throw the tennis ball for him (after he's already been playing so he's a bit wound up).

Jack thinks training is about the funnest thing in the world. Maddie's still learning the basics, so her training is a little slower and not so exciting.
That is an excellent idea, I would have never thought to use training lanes for dog training. Thanks!
Tug of war is fun and I also have a Jolly ball (a ball in another ball) which my dogs love to roll around but can also pick up and carry! I was thinking I need to do some obedience with my dogs and I could do that in my basement. Even calling back and forth to "come" with some tiny treats may work. I wish I could use the fetch it inside but I don't think that will work...but I might try! Maybe hide some fun toys with treats in and let them find them???
Jack loves the Jolly Ball. Unfortunately it's noisy on the bare floors, and he compounds it by saying "Grr, grr" while he pushes it with his nose!
Play strip poker?
We go on "field trips" to our local feed store and Pet Smart to break up the monotony of our Michigan winters. I also walk in any weather but shorter when it is wet. We also do indoor fetch and catch. It seems to keep everyone happy.


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