Hes almost 1 years old, about a month away, i heard that people's corgis usually fill out in the 6 month range completely. is there a chance that gible's nose may or may not fill out completely? Not that i mind either way, hes adorable no matter what, just curious on the matter, always did wonder if there were pembrokes with spotted noses like the cardis.

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I don't think it will...but it's cute that way!

Agree with Jane, he looks like a happy fellow who is not bothered by a little pink :-).

They can have pink spots on their nose, although it's not as common. I think it would have darkened by now if it was going to. The only real concern is they are more susceptible to sun burn.

No advise, just love the pose in his profile pic!

haha thanks, he is a cutie. :)

Just something i was curious about. i was told by people that had corgis with a little pink that the noses always fill in. Thanks for the replies everybody !

I agree with Jane. Dodger has a very faint pink spot on his nose (you can't really tell in pictures unless you're up close and personal) and a lot of pink areas on his snout and around his lips, but isn't never changed. He's just been like that since he was a pup. It could be genetic or just because nature works in funny ways.

Katie has a small pink spot on her nose and she's 10.  In fact for her Home Again description and special markings I noted the pink spot.

Mine is about 9 months now and her nose is quite pink, when she was younger it was pure black and its slowly gotten more pink.


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