Hey everyone,

My Pem is about 3 years old now and lately I have noticed that he goes to his crate more often now than before. At night he would sleep on the bed with me, but lately he will spend half the night in the crate (going there on his own, I don't tell him to go there) and half the night on the bed.


The reason this is strange to me is that for the last three years (this behavior has only been going on for a couple of months), he would always be out and about and a total "velcro dog," always sticking to us. Now he just goes to his crate and will stay there for hours.


Do you think it's a winter thing? Or a "you don't pay enough attention to me!" thing? Or something else entirely?


Thanks in advance.

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Our Rosie likes to go to her crate. We leave the door open all the time and will find her asleep there quite often. She is three. She esp likes to go there if things get too much for her in the house like too many visitors, too much noise. Is your dog feeling ok? Have things changed in the house? Maybe he is too hot at night in bed with you. Rosie likes to be a bit cool.
I think some just really like their crate.  I keep the crate in my bedroom and sometimes when Ginny is just pooped, she'll go in their by herself for a nap.  It's like their own private bedroom where they won't be messed with and they feel cozy.  Normally she sleeps in bed with me, and I have a king size bed, which you would think would be plenty of room for one person and two smallish dogs, but sometimes if I roll over and even touch her, she gets grumpy and jumps off bed and goes to her crate.  Sorry, princess, this is my bed... so sorry if I disturbed your precious beauty rest!   :)


Mine almost all love their crates and when I can't find them that's where they usually are:) Many start out at night in the crate and are in my bedroom by am. Be happy he likes it.

 With Us,We have a corgi who goes to Her bed first,then up on the bed then Our boy who starts on the bed,then goes UNDER the bed the rest of the night!!That under the bed thingy is gonna be a bad habit because of His acl surgery just yesterday.

Maybe he's like a little kids. I HAD to sleep with my mom and dad when I was little, and one day I just grew out it and wanted my own space and my own bed instead of one that was over crowded. Maybe he's making the final transition from puppyhood to adulthood. Adult dogs are usually more independent like that. We went through that with our dachshund. When we got him at 1 yrs old we tried every sleeping arrangement imaginable to keep him from wanting to sleep in bed with us. Nothing worked, so we just resigned to letting him sleep with us. One day he just started sleeping inside his own comforter (they're burrowing dogs) and that was it. He loves his bed now, and we have to coax him to get in bed with us for some snuggle time. He wasn't sick or anything, it was just time to leave the nest.



Nope, nothing wrong. It's more of a "he feels secure" in there since a crate is generally a safe place.

teddys favorite place is his crate. he goes in there all the time to take naps or get away if its too noisy form guests. sometimes i give him a special treat and he chews it in his crate for awhile. he still loves to cuddle me on the couch but once hes really tired he goes into his crate or on his soft bed to sleep. its funny sometimes because our two cats go into his crate and he just goes right in there to go to sleep with them. its so adorable! 


but i must say i have only let teddy sleep in our bed 2wice because he can be shady when we are not there to watch them. he gets in to the cat box and tries to open the fridge and tear things up. so i have always kept him in our bed room in his crate and he dosnt mind one bit 

In our house it just depends on the day/night...


Sometimes it's this:

And then other days, it's this:

That is too cute
Great pictures!
Oh thank you for posting this and all the comments.   I do not have a crate for Sophie.  She has several dog beds (one upstairs in my room and one downstairs in the livingroom where she can look out and observe all that is going on outside).  She is 2-1/2 years old and has always slept with me.  A few months ago she started sleeping in her bed in my room.  I have not been able to figure out why she is doing this.  Often during the day and even in the evening before bedtime she will lay on my bed, but when once it is actually bedtime to goes to her own bed and sleeps.  I feel better after reading everyone's comments.     I wondered if I had offended her in some way - but I guess she is just exerted her independence!
at about three neeka started to become the same way, I think its just comforting and sometimes she needs some time away from us to sleep.


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