I was just wondering if anyone has their male corgi groomed and have the fur trimmed on their bellies at all? My last groomer used to trim lances belly so that when he went potty it was more hygenic. I need to find a new groomer and am not sure how you would go about asking them to do this. My last groomer just seemed to know how to and did a good job. I recently took Lance to get groomed at a new place and the groomer didnt seem to do a good job with this.

Any male corgis out there that have any suggestions?

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Kota has never been groomed at a professional place and has no problems in that area. He says he's fine the way it is... Oh... and he says hugs to you guys..!!!
romeo was never got professionally groomed, but i do sometimes cut his pee area hair a lil. Not his stomach though. I cut it so the hair of that area doesn't touch his tummy.
It depends on a dog I guess. My friend's corgi used to pee on his front paws before he got neutered.
Shiro is pretty good about that so he doesn't get wet. We never used professional grooming because I have Furminator at home. So I don't see why I'd pay for something I can do myself.
We never clipped him and never will. I think double coated dogs look the best just brushed.
I don't take Ella to a groomer, but when we first got her, I had to trim the fur down a little on her behind (to clean all of the hay/poop out).
I would perhaps try a few different groomers, and just let them know what he has had done before and if they can do that. Could the previous groomer recommend someone?
Our groomers only trimmed the part around the pee area only. The first groomer did a great job, but unforuntanely needed to find him a new groomer as she moved. I took Lance to a new groomer and she didnt do as good of a job. :( The only part of Lance that gets trimmed is around the privates to keep it clean, cause corgis dont need to be clipped anywhere else.
Sidney has never been professionally groomed either, come to think of it. Sidney says he'd be nervous if some person came at "that part" with a grooming tool!
I am trying to imagine Sparty's horrified reaction if someone tried to get near that part with scissors! He was pretty unhappy about the neutering 10 years ago!! Ha Ha!
Yeah, Jack grumbles if I get too far back when I'm toweling him! I can't imagine his reaction to scissors back there!

He stays pretty clean anyway. And since he's so low to the ground, if he does get a little splash-back, the morning dew on the grass takes care of cleanup.
We take Harry to be bathed and he gets a little sanitary trim they call it... Just a little off around the bum area and then last time they actually shaved up his belly and his little penis! I was a little shocked since i never asked for the sanitary trim before but in the end he has been much cleaner since all the hair around his little thing, used to get dirty..Plus my corgi has a spotted belly towards his back legs so I like when I can see the spots :)
Im curious to see how many owners have this done. I probably wouldnt have thought of having this done as Lance is our first dog I have owned on my own. I like that it stays clean and looks neat. I just wish I was in the room with the new groomer so I could have made sure she knew exactly what I wanted done. Unfortunately, I had to bring my kids with who were unhappy I was having him groomed, LOL....kids!!!!

I have always stayed in the groomers room since he was a pup, so it is soooo hard not to!!! Especially since he is squirmy and those grooming tables are not very big at all!!!! I didnt think it was fair to have 3 of us in the groomers room so that is why I stayed out this time. I dont bring him in too often to get groomed maybe 3 times a year.

Yeah Lance has a spotted belly too. :)
My boys are clean there but I have trimmed the hairs in the past only in that area and not all the way to the skin. They were pups and needed to learn how to pee like the big boys. hehe
Never crossed my mind to trim Wynn and he doesn't go to a groomer...he never has yellow hair so I don't worry about it...they sure are the hairiest little dogs I've ever seen down there...BUT...I love the bear butt because Wynn isn't neutered his hairy butt hides all the rest of his package very well!!!!


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