I've been looking through the forums about food for corgis, and I have seen an alarming trend.  I'm sure most people responding are trying to be helpful, but some of it seems like "guilting."  When an owner says they feed Purina Puppy Chow, it's a little unfair to trash the food.  Not everyone has the funds to feed the really high quality $40 a bag food, and no matter how much someone loves their corgi, they can only do what they can afford to do.  Just want people to remember that.  We all love our dogs, from the Purina to the Blue Buffalo feeders.

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Agreed. If you think some dog owners are a little over the top re food you should hear parents of children on the same topic. Everybody has an opinion but not everyone needs everyone to do the same.
Absolutely! My family has had show dogs fed Purina Dog Chow back when that was what was available.  Our beloved Hoover lived 14 long years on Science Diet even though my mom trashed it.  We all do the best we can.  Happy dining corgis!
I got a really good one for this post......I started out feeding him what the previous owner did.  After having a corgi that was over weight I became a fanactic about feeding Solomon healthier.  So I begin to experiment with "High Quality, High Price" dog food,  too many to name, but Solomon kept throwing up.  My husband said get one, stick to it and quit changing that boys food!!!  I bought Purina Healthy Weight.  He is eating again and not throwing up!  So I have learned my lesson and its not expensive! (Which by the way, is way better on my poor empty wallet!)
I do appreciate your point and I don't think anyone wants to guilt anyone else here.  If you've done research, you want to share and help someone out if they are uninformed and just feeding what they think is good---much like parents would help another parent out who thought chicken nuggets and fries are great to feed their kid every single day.  If you know that it's nutritionally deficient, you want to help someone by telling them they can do better.   The thing I've noticed here and on other forums that is super annoying is that someone will post saying "I feed thus and such, what do you all think?  Is it good enough?"  and when people respond with anything remotely negative about the choice, they get their backs up.  Why even ask for advice?  I can never figure out why someone would waste their time even posing a question like that when they don't want answers.  Then there are the happy majority who just like to share information and education and love of their dogs :)
This was definitely not meant as an attack against those offering advice.  Advice is much appreciated, especially when solicited.  I have received great advice from members of this site.  However, some people, in general forums about what we feed our dogs, have basically put down what other people feed their dogs, without the other party having asked for advice.  That is what bothers me, as none of us has the right to judge.

I am so glad someone else has noticed this!

I used to work for Purina Pet Foods and while I am no longer with that company I still feed my dog Purina and everyone, including the vet, compliments him on his health.  When I see all the negative and rude comments on here that are food related I wonder how many them actually understand what goes into a product's creation and development or if they are just touting their personal food beliefs.  As long as your dog is happy and healthy that is the most important thing.

Trust yourself, do your research, dot your Ts and Is the best you can, and just keep your head up. To draw a parallel, I think few of us here would necessarily feel "guilty" about spending 500-3k or more a year on our one or more pets vs like providing food for quite a bit more starving children in Africa, right?  Plenty of those commercials on television. I trust my decisions. And the reality is that over 2000 years on earth and humans STILL do not know what is best for the fish or the dogs or cats.. virtually every species... or for themselves for that matter.


Check out the oldest dogs... one was vegetarian!  And the other ate kangaroo meat and emu.  So how many of us corgis eat that?  I bet NONE of the corgis on here eat that every day..I say this jokingly --> what you can't afford kangaroo meat?!  Shame on all of us because our corgis will likely go to the rainbow bridge before 28 years old!   And if they don't, well you're just a sucky parent! Okay there it's settled.. no one is better for eating Wellness or Iams or Purina. ;) 


It's not a perfect world.  Just helping one little life at a time even if that life is only 12-15 years in length and doesn't build a company one day that makes billions.  


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Haha love that you mentioned broccoli.  Last night, I fed Leena broccoli for the first time ever.  She loved it, in spite of the smell.
I agree.  I feed mine Flint River - I think it's a decent food, but if you asked me HONESTLY why I use it - because they ship to my house for FREE!  And send me reminders to my email, so I don't forget dog food and have to run to the grocery at 5am.

I do not judge or guilt anyone for what they decide to feed their dog(s). I do however, require the same respect back. 


Our personal experience was Science Hill gave our dogs constant runs for months on end. We switched to a grain free, more expensive kibble and those problems were cured. We eventually made the switch to a raw diet which actually works out to less money than either of our previous diets. We also encounter mass *guilting* and judgement for feeding this way.  Our dogs thrive on it and do very well so this is what we will stick to. 


I think some people do think of dog food like a religion. If they can afford it, that is fine. I think it is important for everyone to put great thought into what our dogs consume, the same way I think it is important for people to do that. Just because a company that produces food says it is good does not make it that way. People need to research.


People should feed the best food they can afford for both themselves and their animal companions. 

I grew up on a farm and we had all kinds of animals.  You would be surprised how many different "Chows " Purina makes.  All of our animals were healthy and happy, we never had major health problems.   I took what my breeder said and looked at ingredients.   I made my own decision and Poopdeck seems to agree, of course this comes from a Corgi that will eat "stuff" I never even get to see. (thank God)  Good Luck!


Totally off topic, I'm sorry.....but I love the name Poopdeck!


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