We have had Abbey for 10 months now.  My husband and I are both retired and we like to travel often. Somtimes short distances...sometimes not. Taking Abbey on automobile rides and trips is such fun. When we get ready to go anywhere now ; she beats us to the truck and is waiting at the truck door anxiously waiting to get in and go "anywhere!" lol

Please share with me how you transport your pup and how you maintain shed hair! Do you put your pup in a crate while traveling, in a vehicle harness? 

 What? I would really appreciate some input. Never have I seen this subject discussed. Anyone with input...please tell me. No way do we intend to deny Abbey riding or traveling... I would just like to know how to maintain.


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I would say using a crate in the car is the safest way to travel! 

There has been discussions on this. I always use a crate as I believe this is the safest.

A crate is the safest.  Just like a child they need to be restrained in some manner.  As for the fur...you vacuum out the car a lot.  Part of the joys of having a corgi....said tongue in cheek.

Lots of vacuuming and lots of lint rollers ;-> 

Mine ride unrestrained in the back seat. There are lots of opinions on riding in the car, I have read comments on the dog seat belts that make me question their safety. Crates are probably as good an idea as any. The only thing I would not do is let them in the front seat because of the air bags.

Shedding is one of the more challenging parts of living with a corgi. Regular comb outs help. I have had people tell me that grooming salons will comb out while drying a dog and that removes a lot of hair. I haven't tried that but after a bath I do a lengthy comb out. Mostly I just learn to have a sense of humor about the hair since I live with 4 animals that shed! 

We travel extensively with our pets. There are pros and cons to every method, depending on the dog, the length of travel, the vehicle, even the weather. Crates, well tied down, are the safest choice, but they also take up a lot of room, can be more confining and, depending on the type of crate, can restrict air flow in hot weather.

We travel cross Country 4 times a year, so that's 3 days in the car per trip.  We have a Suburban. Our older dog, 14+ years, travels unrestricted on a mattress that was cut to fit where the split seat goes down in the second row. She is a very calm dog and, at her age, I try to restrain her as little as possible. The Corgi wears a collar and a soft harness ( IPuppyOne Air mesh) and we use a dog seat belt attachment.  He is on the seat next to the window behind the driver's seat. The seat belt attaches to the harness, we use the collar for walking him, as he does better with that. In the middle, between our old gal and the Corgi, I put a small crate for my mini-dachshund.  She wears a harness and often rides on my lap in front, but goes in her crate for about 1/2 of the trip.  We also have a 36" wire crate in the back that houses our 20 Lb. cat. Dogs go in the hotel at night, cat stays in his crate.

The seats are leather, so do not hold dander or fur.  We put a tarp over the second seat where the Corgi sits.  We made holes in it to fit under the headrest, so it's draped over the seat and then tucked into the back.  This is mostly to protect from water if we encounter rain.

This arrangement has worked well for us and a good vacuuming at the end of the trip is all we need to do.  If needed, we take the dogs to the groomer before setting out....We love traveling with our dogs and they love it just as much.  The cat is another story!

Crates are safe but take up a lot of space.  I prefer a seat belt harness (it leaves your cargo area free for cargo, and the dog gets to ride in the main compartment where it's cooler in the summer).   However, while Jack loves his harness, Maddie chews either the front of the harness or the seat belt.  After having her chew right through two harnesses in a matter of minutes, we decided to let her ride in her crate in the back.  So we have one in the harness and one in the crate. 

I find harnessing the dogs so much easier that frankly I'm more inclined to take them along when we use that method; the crate is a bit of a pain and we are more likely to decide to leave the dogs home because of it.

We have a purpose-made seat cover that buckles over the back and we leave it in most of the time, unless we have human passengers in the back.

Over that, we put a baby crib pad (not the fitted kind, just the plain cotton rectangle).  It's water-proof, soft, and easily fits in the machine to wash it.  It's just the right size for the back seat of the car.  Perfect for catching hair, and for wet and dirty dogs to lie on top of.   It was my mom's idea.

Thank you Beth for your valued input. I ordered a seat belt snap, a net that attaches to the back of the truck seats o keep her confined n the back seat. We have always let her ride in the front with us, but hopefully we will do that no more. Also bought a doggy seat cover for he back seat. Abbey loves to go riding with us, so we want to make it enjoyable and safe. As for the HAIR, we will just keep trying new things suggested until we come to  a solution. Thanks again


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