Hi All,
Sorry this is going to be a bit of a letdown, but since my
4-legged son died in March...the holidays have been kind of sad; actually not kind of- they are. This is my first Chrvistmas in 10 years not going to the pet store or ordering online for toys for Teddy....seems so strange. He had this unique talent of opening his gifts...or anyone else's for that matter. He would tear off some wrapping paper and then spit it out with a shake of his head. Sometimes I think he had more fun opening his presents than playing with them!! Truthfully, he played with all his toys and he had quite a few. Although he has only been gone 9 months, it sometimes seems like yesterday and then it seems like so long ago.
The house is so empty and quiet without him. He took to howling at certain TV ads that had a particular vocal pitch...he would be upstairs and he would come racing down the stairs to howl at it. Or the dishwasher...if he heard you open the pod bag, he would come running from wherever he was to confront the machine , because he was sure there was something under it!!
I appreciate the opportunity to emote,as unlike here, most of the rest of the world can not understand our attachments to as someone said "just a dog".
I hope and pray you have a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrate.

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Andy...I am so sorry.  I understand how you feel.  Even tho I have Brady and Katie I still miss Max so much, he's been gone just a little over a year.  No, they are not "just a dog".  They are so much more to us.  Prayers of peace and comfort for you as you remember Teddy.

They are so special, it's really hard to lose them. I like to get another  to start a new adventure. Three years ago I had three wonderful dogs, all are gone now but Watson and Lexi keep me smiling now.

  I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet who means so much.  There are so many little dogs and puppies out there looking for a good father such as you would be for them.  Lots of Corgi rescue groups, Humane Society shelters and, of course, excellent breeders of all breeds.  I wish you the best as you deal with your loss.....

{sigh} It surely IS depressing. I never stop missing my long-lost pals, even those who passed on to their furry fathers years and years ago.

Best cure: SOMEdoggy out there needs you. Watch the rescue groups, county pounds, and Humane Society shelters until you find a likely candidate.

Cassie the Corgi came from the dog pound. Some idiot abandoned her there because, said they, she "barks." Fancy that! A dog that barks... There's nothing like a little barking to fill the empty space in your life. <3

Oh and one more thing... Snow.
About 2 weeks ago we had a 4- inch snowfall. Just seeing that snow and knowing it was coming, the sadness overwhelmed me. I miss so many things about him. Teddy loved the snow; he couldn't get enough.
The sadness of being without him is punctuated by the snow, He loved jumping over the little hills that I built for him. I had to chase him around the yard to try to get him to come inside, because it was getting too old, but it was never cold enough for him to go inside. And when I did get him inside, he would go to the door and whine that he wanted to go back outside. When it snowed , he almost always knew there was snow outside before I opened the blinds.
Thanks for listening. Happy New Year .all!
So sorry. This was my first Christmas without Sully and it was much harder than I expected as well. I hope the coming year is easier for you.

Andy, what a lovely post!  You are so right when you say that when we lose someone we love it sometimes seems like yesterday and sometimes like so long ago.....  Our heart is made to love and I hope you find a new furry friend to come into your life soon.  You can never replace anyone, but you can make and grow from new connections.  Someone out there is making its way towards you, be on the lookout and open to whatever that may bring.  Happy New Year to you too.

We lost our Maddie in the summer and I really missed her over Christmas. We know how you feel. Those memories can hurt but over time they can be a comfort. Hugs to you.


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