How do you cut your corgi's nails? Nail grinder vs nail clippers

Hi everyone!

I was hoping to get some opinions on a nail cutting.  What's the general consensus out there with all you corgi experts?  Nail grinders? Nail clippers?  Guillotine nail clippers?  Please tell me your opinion and which brand is best!

Your advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

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I use guillotine-style clippers, and I stand the dog in a few inches of warm bathwater beforehand for a good 5 minutes or so. This makes the nails exceptionally soft, and it's a lot quicker to cut through them. Not only that, but I can be a lot more precise and 'shave down' the nail by putting mere millimetres in the clipper at a time. I've never cut the quick using this method.

I do it the good old fashioned way...groomer.  I've tried...the first time I tried it I cut the quick on one nail.  So I was always nervous about doing it and the dogs just knew so it was not a good situation.  My daughter tried to teach me, she worked for a groomer for 2 years out of college but I just can't manage it.

I would prefer to not use a groomer, because I want to be able to do it myself.  Also, it's another opportunity for Chiba to bond with me, and to gain more trust.  However, she does already trust me completely.  She will only cuddle on the couch with me, sit on my lap, listen to my voice, and only walk on a leash with me.  It's a bit of a problem though because my boyfriend and I live together and she won't do anything of those things with him, even those he is her "daddy."  I guess she is a mommy's girl!

I grind my corgi's nails. We struggled alot because she didn't want to have her nails done at all. Her feet could be touched but her nails were a different story. When we clipped them she freaked out and grinding she was "okay" with. Several months later I'm glad I grind because she will still pull away and at least if I'm grinding I'm less likely to get her quick.

I have my vet clip my rescues nails as it is just too hard. The rest I do with a clipper that has a guard and so I sometimes have to clip it twice to get them short enough. I have some that don't mind and others that don't like it. Last night I had several pieces of tiny treats for Bella and she stayed focused on the treats instead of getting her nails done. Sage just lays there. Wynn does much better with a muzzle or we'd have to take him to the vet also.

@Jane, does the guard really work? If it does, what brand/size do you use for the Corgis?  I have difficulty with contrast, so it's really hard for me to see the quick.... I take them to the groomer, but my groomer is a good 45 minutes drive from home.

Keeping Stumpy's nails trimmed is still quite nerve-wracking for me, even though I've done it for months now. I first bought guillotine style clippers and agree with Ludi's post above regarding clipping a little at a time, usually after a bath because it makes the nails softer! Stumpy is super fidgety though so my friend recommended Oster's version of the pawdicure and have been using that since. In my experience, using a dremmel is much faster and you're able to get more of a rounded nail that won't scratch you or furniture!

Also, whenever Petsmart sends me grooming coupons I take full advantage and send Stumpy off for grooming, you get: nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, a bath & sanitary trim/pad shaving(if requested) usually for $15 after the coupon :)

Doesn't taking your dog for walks trim it down for you?

Maybe it's also the way my dog walks because the two back paws have longer nails but, the two front paws are worn down to their quick.  I've actually had to shorten his walks or take him to walk at places that are either grass or dirt paths.

Same here. I bought an electric nail grinder when my dog was a puppy and never even opened the box--his front nails are worn down as short as can be just from walking on the road.

Walks don't trim Chiba's nails so far.  She's only nine weeks and she gets tired after only 20 minutes (is that normal?).  When she's tired, she comes over to me and puts her paws on my knees, letting me know she wants to be carried.  She's my little spoiled princess!  Hopefully her endurance will improve soon.  She's only 6.5lbs right now.

Grinder, mostly on the back: the front get worn down on walks.

I was eyeing grinders, just because I like the idea of gradually "cutting" her nails and that her nails won't be sharp.  Is there a particular brand that is best?


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