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Miles is about 4 months and a half now, and 12 pounds. He is a normal and healthy pup, but he poops 4+ times a day. We were feeding him 2 cups a day, 2/3 every meal, but yesterday my daughter used a dog calorie calculator and was looking into how much to feed a corgi his weight and age, and 3/4 of a cup a day(1/4 three times a day,) was a recommended amount.

We started to rethink what we had been feeding him... We fed him 3/4 of a cup today, and he pooped the same amount. I do realize that 3/4 is over 50% less than what we were feeding him (2 cups), and I'm not sure which amount to feed. Oh, and we had been feeding him 2 cups a day because that is what his bag of food recommended for his size and age. I also have read that the recommended portions on the bags can be too much...

Advice please? Is it normal or a pup his age to go do #2 so often? We really don't know which amount to feed him at this point!

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What  kind of food is he eating? I usually suggest 1 handful 4 times a day or about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups and then divide it by the times you feed him . It sounds like it may not be enough at 3/4 cup. I usually "free feed also if they don't overeat at one time although not everyone believes this to be the best way.

Miles eats BLUE' buffalo's Lamb 3X   a day

I don't know anything about BB but many people like it...I would increase the amount.

When Juno was eating BB, he pooped llike 4x a day. Since I've switched his food, he poops 3x a day. I usually feed 1cup/day in addition to treats for training. fyi: juno is the same age as miles

It's definitely true that the recommended portions on kibble bags tend to err into excess. When Ace was still on Acana (a grain-free kibble from the makers of Orijen), the recommended amount was over three times what I ended up feeding him. These premium foods are so nutrient dense that to feed them the listed amount would usually result in too many calories, and a LOT of pooping.

If it helps, at 5 months Ace was eating 1/2 a cup a day of Acana. He was moderately active, but he didn't shed a single pound on such a low amount of food. In between training treats, yogurt and veggies I added to his food, Ace maintained a very sleek profile. I definitely think 2 cups is just way, way too much in comparison.

I wouldn't pay any attention to what the bag or an online calorie counter says. For a pup that age I'd just feed 1.5 cups a day and up it if he started looking too scrawny. It's pretty much impossible to "overfeed" a puppy because their metabolism is so fast. And some dogs just poop a lot, there's not much you can do about it lol.

Thank you all for the help!

I just switched my 4 1/2 month old cardigan to Wellness from BB.  I was feeding 2 cups of BB per day since it is slightly lower in fat and protein than other comparable foods.  See my What Do You Feed Your Corgi reply a few days ago for more info. 

I currently feed him about 1 3/4 cups per day of the Wellness puppy food.  He gets lots of quality treats in between during our training sessions and for just being a great dog in general, so I try to account for that when feeding him.  He always scarfs his food and comes from a long line of big cardigans.  He is 20 lbs at 4 1/2 months!  My pem was only about 12 - 15 lbs when she was that old!  Luke is not overweight either!

Oh - Luke poops 3-4 times a day too!  He'll regulate as he gets older and certainly when you switch to adult food.

I often wonder whether I feed my DouBao too little.. she is 23 pounds at 7 months age( weighted a month ago...)

--- Currently, 2/3 cup BB a day, divided into 2 meals. But she does get a LOT of other treats from training, since I barely use dry kibble for training, except in the morning and I could get up early to train....She poos three times a day (morning after wake up, afternoon when I come back from work and later in the evening/night when we walk outside after dinner)

She doesn't look skinny at all though...

I feed my older corgi 1 cup food per day split into two meals.  She is 2 years and 21 lbs.  Small for a corgi, but very healthy.  Our vet told us that she is at an ideal weight for her size.  Leia is a picky eater and will rarely eat the entire cup of food fed to her each day. She #2's twice a day.  Leia probably eats about the same amount as your corgi. I might be more inclined to give her more than 2/3 cup at each meal since she is not yet finished growing, but that is just my opinion.  Do what is good for her and what feels right to you.


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