I need feedback on members experience with having 3 Corgis please.

I love the two I have with all my heart. I have a 3 year old female and a 2 year old male they are as different as night and day. Sadie is non stop active and Joey is just this side of a Corgi coma. Very laid back and sweet. I've never had more than 2 dogs before. I think I would like one more. My friends and family either think I'm crazy or advise against it.

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We had three corgi for years until Rugby the older tri passed away. I have to say it was a hand full to say the lease. All our corgis were rescues and varied in age from 10 (Rugby), six (Gryffin the tan and white) to three (Teagan the younger tri) and each one had very differing personalities. Rugby was the alpha dog of the group and he was not to be played with by the other two. Gryffin loved to have something that keep him occupied or he'd get into trouble and Teagan was the female of the group and was always a very happy dog.

One of the biggest challenges was walking them all together. Usually there wasn't a problem until confronted by a strange dog and then all hell broke loose. Rugby would go into immediate defensive mode and would not let any dog near him. Gryffin would more want to check out the other dog than fight but he would also not back off either. Finaly Teagan talked a big game but would submit pretty quickly. That was always an adventure!

I loved having three dogs but like I said it was a hand full.

Thanks Tim.We enjoyed reading your response. My sister-in-law has 3 rescues ( none are corgis ). She said walking all 3 is very difficult and it's hard to afford vet bills for 3. I appreciate your reply :)

Two sort of take care of themselves unless they actively dislike each other.  WIth 3 you will need to manage the household much more carefully.  Fights are more likely, three dogs rarely play well together at the same time, and you run the risk of two ganging up on the third.

Lots of people do it successfully, but lots of people have trouble.  I have no personal experience but know of people who have.   Way more work.   For a dedicated owner who wants to do things with dogs (agility, obedience, herding, hunting, etc) it can be done.  For the average pet owner it can really impact how you interact with your dogs.  I'd just make sure you think it through carefully.  Good luck with your decision.


Well, I know that there are a lot of people, on here even, who do it well.

I don't think it's really a bad idea.. I haven't had more than two dogs at a time while growing up, but my aunt has a good fifteen or so dogs (A LOT) and I never remember any of her dogs ever causing actual harm to one another, (which her dogs aren't even spayed/neutered--ugh---so their horomones should mean a fight here and there) and she is disabled slightly physically. She does have the help of her pretty stalky, ready to work, son, though.

Another thing, is she doesn't walk them. They live on land, and the dogs run themselves out with the horses, llamas, chickens, etc. But they do get exercise.

I know that a while I was watching my grandparent's dogs, I took them all on a walk and it was probably the worst experience ever. Only one walks super poorly on a leash, and tugs and all that, but one is enough when the other two are clueless that of how to walk with another dog (my grandparents usually each walk one.) But if your dogs walk well on a leash, or you are willing to take them for seperate walks, have a lot of time and effort to put into making sure that they're okay with one another, I would go for it:D

It's a personal choice though, and just make sure you are ready if you do:)

Well, Okay. We've ALWAYS had  a trio and currently we have a 5, 3 and 2 year old, each a neutered male. They get a 2 mile walk each day with 2 on the left and 1 on the right--NO PROBLEMS.  When we see another dog, they all sit and stay like gentlemen. 


 Each went to basic obedience and in addition to the walk, one of them gets a 15 minute refresher every day (sit, stay, wait and the door, etc. ) all by himself. I'm very proud of the fact that they also live with 2 cats and get along. In fact, the 3 boys will sit and wait at the door and the outside cat will walk through the crowd to come into the house.  I think that's pretty good! there's usually a pretty active fetch game every evening, too, and each one has his own ball and lets the others alone.


They occaisionally make loud play noises but never have fought.  They are fed at the same time about 4 feet apart...no fights. There is definitely a hierarchy but they all play tag and wrestle together.

Vet bills are something to consider but if you are willing to do the basic obedience trainng and most importantly, really focus on the exercise, then they will be balanced companions. I don't find the 3rd dog to be much more than having 2 in terms of the time I spend with them.

I have three dogs although one is not a corgi and I like it but you must be much more committed to training then with one or two. Also, vet bills are very high, just Heartworm and flea preventative each year is expensive and that is without factoring in illness. Also, while people often are OK with you visiting with one or two dogs, three becomes a much bigger imposition. I walk my three together (one is a doberman) with no real problems but I used to have horses and apparently handling the reins all those years made me more able to handle multiple leashes and none of my friends are able to do it. You do increase the opportunity of having conflict by introducing another no matter what the number but I just can not stress enough the need to really train your dogs. Don't enter into this lightly and do you research before you do it.

We have 3 dogs for the first time in our family history. It is challenging at times. Granted one of them is a Boston with some issues, but even when he is on his best behavior it can take 3 of us to keep things under control. If there are only two people in your household, I wouldn't recommend a third dog.

I have 4 Corgis(at least, sometimes 6) and an Aussie... we live in the country so walking is down the block long driveway and on acres of lawn or groves and playing ball.So it's a bit different. I do have to watch 2 of my females as they have had a couple fights and I am always aware and don't leave them in the same room as the other if I am gone. I wouldn't hesitate and know many people with 3 corgis...but it is what you feel comfortable with. Also as Bev said 1-2 is easier to take along and 3 is hard if you go on a few day visit somewhere...I usually take 2 with me and the others have to stay home or go to a friends...which they also enjoy!

Thanks everybody! You have brought up some very good points. Things i have not thought about I'm not rushing into this. I have been thinking about it for a while. It's good to hear your advise.

I have three.  Two females and a male.  They all get along really really well.  There is an occasional argument but it never escalates to wounding or bloodletting or anything.  One of the dogs (my rescue) gets jealous when I cuddle the other two but definitely not aggressive jealous.  I've had not problems with three.  It all depends on the personalities, I suppose.  Teri is my middle of the road pooch, Annie is my couch potato and Nimh is my very active attention hound (I call him "The Tick").


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