I know that there are a couple of similar posts, posted within the last week in fact, but they are not in my area.

I have been lurking on this site for a couple years now, occasionally very active but recently not so much, so some of you may remember me.

I live in Waunakee, WI (right by Madison) and have a yard fenced on 2 sides, sadly not four.  My husband has a wonderful job that he loves and things are going well in life.  I think it would be a good year to get a corgi.  My husband would prefer a puppy, but I am open to any age corgi.  I've been looking on petfinder and such, but most corgis are in rescues 5+ hrs away.  

So, I thought I should ask if anyone new someone who is 5 hrs or less from the Madison area who will be having puppies this year or is perhaps retiring a dog.


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Are you looking for a pem or a cardi?

Although I love both breeds, most of my knowledge applies to Pembrokes, so I think I will go pem.  That and my husband strongly desires a little socialite.  I know it is not true of every cardi, but what I've inferred is that they prefer their families while pems don't generally meet a stranger. I could be wrong though.

I'm so happy to hear that your life is going well.  How could we forget your wonderful corgi art.  :)  Good Luck on your search!!

Thank you! :)

So happy for you. Weren't you out east after being in MN? I met you at Renissance festival a couple years ago. Good luck in your search and can't wait to hear more:) You could check out the Lakeshore Corgi rescue they might have something??? I have one of your pics also...

Thank you!  Yes, I know where I have been living has been a bit confusing.  I was in MN, then moved to Maryland.  About a week after being there, we found out that the million dollar grant that was to fund hubby's research and position had fallen through, so there wasn't a job there for him.  So we moved back to WI, and hubby got a job in Madison.  So now we are people of Madison (well, people who live above the lake above Madison.)  I just know that hubby has a good job that he loves, we've got a wonderful landlord,  and although our yard is only fenced in on 2 sides (nearly 3) I've got a fenced/meshed in balcony as big as most people's living room.  Things are going well. :)

Good luck Angela. Looking forward to hearing soon about your new addition.

http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22405549  I'm trying to convince hubby to consider this dog.


Age: Adult 
Stray/Surrender: Surrendered 
Lilly is a gorgeous corgi. She is friendly, outgoing, and loves people. This alert little girl enjoys walks and being with people. 

ADOPTION FEE at the shelter $100 (Cash or Check Only)
This pet has not yet been spayed/neutered. The adopter is required to sign an agreement that they will have this done, and will receive a $25.00 sterilization rebate to help defray the cost. 

Potential adopters are required to fill out an adoption application. Please note it does take several days to process an adoption application and to determine approval status. Your patience is appreciated.

A pem with a tail?!?  I'd go with it!  She's adorable!

What the heck! She's beautiful, and that tail is pretty spitzy - what a talking point. You NEED to get her!!

She is beautiful and the tails is a plus....I sure hope you can talk your hubby into this! Good luck.

I have a friend named Anitra Francis who is the corgi foster coordinator for Secondhand Hounds in MN.  I know she has loads of corgis looking to be adopted now.  I think they require a home check, but I'm pretty sure I have seen them adopt out to WI.  Even if they can't help you, they might know someone closer who can.  Good luck!!

Here is their website - http://secondhandhounds.org/

Here is Anitra's contact info:

Anitra Francis, Herding Breeds Foster Coordinator


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