I just was thinking of this last night and was trying to decide in just a few words how to sum them up!

Wynn: The perfect gentleman!
Wiley: Nothing about me without me or stand by my side!
Rainy: Needy but sweet!
Bella: The perfect mother...loving but strict!
Livvy: Lively with a rebellious side!

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Strangely enough, I can see that!
That's good Beth!
Roslyn- Walks, soccer, peanut butter, duck toy... She wants it all!
Yoda: Smart, independent, athletic, even tampered and energetic.
Chewie: Loving, cute, calm, except when it comes to food.
Lily: Hates loud noises, other than that, a flower child (peace, love and go with the flow).

Louise: This sums her up perfectly, I took some dumb test on a website that asked "What Celebrity Is Your Pet?". My little cutie pie was Amy Winehouse, need I say more. No rehab for her!
Determined, affectionate and a bit of a clown. Mommy's little social butterfly!
My corgi being 11 months old I would describe him at this time as "handsome chaos"
Madoc: mascot of the neighborhood who never meets a stranger!
I have to say I really love reading these short summed up versions of all your dogs!
I also forgot to include my Aussie in this!

Armani: Friendly big doofus, doesn't like strangers, think's he's a Corgi and can't figure out how to shrink himself so he can be at the same level.
Soffie - intuitive, inquisitive, independent and she has my heart!

Griffyn - loving, sweet, the loud mouth and always the clown!

And the two of them are - The best thing I ever did for myself!!
Boy, that says it all doesn't it? The best thing I ever did for myself!
I have to agree with "the best thing I ever did for myself too!


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