Meet Lefty, the latest addition to our pack!   We found her at the shelter.  She’s a wonderful, affectionate, playful Pembroke who seems to be perhaps two years old.  We love her and she’s fitting right in with Al and Gwynnie.

As you can see, Lefty has a little medical problem:  she has two left hindlegs, and no right leg.  The vets are mystified by this congenital defect.  There is no record of such deformities in the literature.  It profoundly impairs her mobility because the inner left leg seems to be innervated by right-side nerves, so when one swings forwards, the other swings backwards,  and they’re always working against each other.  When she tries to walk, she tends to waddle clumsily in circles, like a boat with its rudder stuck hard-aport, but when she runs, both hindlegs thrust together, and she can move quite fast (although she always veers to the right).

Without surgical intervention, her prospects are limited, if not downright bleak:  although she can stumble around the house well enough, she will never be able to chase a tennis ball, go on long walks in the park, or frolic with gleeful children at the sunny playground.  Perhaps this is why she was so cruelly abandoned at the shelter, as if she were some kind of defective appliance or worn-out rag.    Fortunately, we’ve found an innovative and daring specialist in reconstructive orthopedic surgery at the University of Washington Veterinary School who thinks she and her team can successfully move the inner leg over to the right side where it belongs.  Unfortunately, this will be far more expensive than we can afford.

This is where you come in!  We are attempting to cloud-source Lefty’s medical expenses.   Anyone who wants to help rescue Lefty from her piteous condition and create a livable future for this charming young corgi  may contribute to Lefty’s Right Fund.  We are suggesting $100 donations, but anything you can afford is welcome -- $200, $75, $50.  Please make your generous tax-deductible donation at our secure website,  Lefty's Right Fund , or mail directly to Lefty’s Right Fund  #AFD04.01.16 at OffShore Commercial Bank, 4116 Confidence St., St. George, Grand Cayman Island.

You can help poor little Lefty… or you can turn the page... and spend the rest of your life trying to live with your conscience and pretending that you really do care about corgis...

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Do you take unmarked bills?   I have some I need to get rid of....

April Fools!!

WOW...even though I remembered it this AM...I forgot and really thought this was a dog you were helping out! I should have known better!!!!

I did too... Till I got to the name & location of the fund! Should have known..

I enjoy your CRAZY April Fools Day jokes.

But I was disappointed that you did not get a new Corgi!

Oh...duh!  I read the whole thing except for the address of the bank.  I was thinking this guy has a lot of nerve asking for that kind of money.  Glad I kept my fingers quiet....the joke really was on me.  I swear this diabetes has turned my brain to mush. 

But I'm sorry you didn't get another corgi!

I "sped-read" this & my mind was fast forwarding to an Irish guy who has a TV program called the Supervet who does fantastic innovative surgical interventions. I was thinking that maybe he would take this unique dog on as a charity case due to the unusual nature of the wasn't until I started to read the comments that I realised that I had been caught rotten!

But do look up the supervet anyway: fantastic viewing. 

John, you are the best.

HA!  Good one!  I looked and looked at the picture trying to see what the problem was.  I think us corgi lovers might be a gullible lot. 


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