Jack and the Easter Cake: Let's hear funny food stories!

Let's hear your funny "Corgi and food" stories!


Neither of my dogs actively beg, though both will sit hopefully nearby when we eat.  They will crowd my husband because he sometimes gives them bits of apple or popcorn.  


However, there are some things they know they get and then it's another story.  We sometimes give them scrambled eggs, and we always toss them a few bits of breakfast cereal if we're having that in the morning.  They'll get a little lettuce when we're making a salad, and the tiniest crumb of cheese if we're making a sandwich.


For the foods that the dogs know they will get, Jack will helpfully remind us if we "forget."  He's so thoughtful!  :)   He'll sit in the kitchen and say "Huph" under his breath, wait 30 seconds and say "Huph" again.  So if for instance we have scrambled them an egg and it's cooling on the counter; or if my husband "forgot" to give them their obligatory 2 bits of cereal, he'll "huph" in the kitchen til we "remember" his share.  


That's the backstory.


For Easter, I made a lemon pound cake and baked it in a Bundt pan.  Those of you who bake may know that "depanning" can be difficult with a Bundt.   Well, last Saturday, a fancy dessert was not to be.  I tried every trick I knew, but the cake came out of the pan in bits.  I'd say about two-thirds came out on the first attempt.  After much effort, about another sixth came out, then a chunk, then a section, and so on.  It was a moist cake so I managed to cobble it back together (thank goodness it was for family and not a formal occasion!).  But in the process, a big hunk fell on the floor.


Jack managed to get a nice big hunk before I got it away.  Poor Maddie was too slow on the uptake and missed her share.  But... well, I guess Jack now thinks that lemon Bundt cake is on the list of "food the dogs get."   


I put the cobbled-together cake on the counter to cool.... and Jack sat in the kitchen the entire time, saying "Huph" very helpfully, every minute or so.  No pacing, no whining, just patiently lying on the kitchen floor.   "Huph.   (pause pause pause)  Huph."   


I put the cake in a covered cake-carrier and he figured no more was coming his way, but the next morning I glazed it and left the carrier open for the glaze to set while we ate breakfast and, you guessed it:  "Huph" the entire time. 


There were leftovers which went in the freezer.  The other night my husband and I got a piece out and left it to thaw on the counter.  Jack ignored it while it was wrapped, but when we cut it in pieces and left it on plates to come to room temperature, well back he went to lying patiently on the floor, "reminding" us that he had not yet had his share.  


Silly Corgis!


Anyone else have funny food stories?  I'm sure there are lots out there!

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We have 2 enforcers here.  They enforce the rules for the cats.  If I am too far from a cat to stop them or just plain too lazy to get up all I have to do is say the cat's name and both dogs handle the offender.  They discipline with barking and a good chase around the house.

Beth....I always hear people say they've taught their cats to stay off the counters.  Yeahright...they've only taught them to stay off the counters when people are around.  I know Oliver is one to steal food...heck, he will steal it right off your plate while you are sitting there but I just never gave it a thought being involved in my daughter's issues.

If I take meat out to defrost I have to put it in the microwave so he doesn't open the package.  With just the 2 of us we usually eat our dinner while watching recorded TV.  I can't leave the platter of meat on the island and go in the other room, I have to put it in the oven or the microwave or he will eat it.

Both my red/white boys were ones for the paws in the glass of milk.  I miss both those cats so much.  Arnie, my first corgi, had a thing for cranberry juice.  You didn't dare leave a glass sitting there and walk out of the room, you would come back to an empty glass.  He was real good about it too..never knocked over a single one.

Bella's most famous food accident was the time she got into a tub of coffee ice-cream. It was the superbowl and we were shopping for snacks and left her in the house with the groceries for a couple minutes while we were preoccupied. Well, by the time I got inside, the ice cream bag was ripped open and the carton was dug up and torn through, and all the ice cream was GONE! It was on the floor, and in her tummy. Luckily, she was fine and did not need medical attention, but from now on we make sure to put the groceries (especially ice cream) one the counter!!!

I would love to know the reasoning behind my dog, Sully's, separation anxiety. The neighbors note some very brief initial barking and whining anytime I leave her alone, followed by hours of calm silence. I do note some signs of struggle on my return, but nothing serious. What has me baffled is how she handles the treats I leave for her in my absence. I usually leave her one ""Bully stick" and two or more of her favorite dental, "Greenies." She ALWAYS saves two greenies until I return, no matter how long I am gone. When I return, she runs of to me with her "No tail Nub" wagging and a Greenie in her mouth. She leaves one Greenie with me and she relaxes beside me and eats the other when I return. What crazy Corgi Madness prompts this weird but sweet behavior? Is it common to the breed? I'm very curious!

Ha hah!! That IS funny!

Recently I ruined Ruby and Cassie by giving them each a carrot stick while I was eating dinner. This was a big mistake on the human's part, because now a certain pair of dogs believe that human dinnertime = Corgi carrot time.

This probably would have been OK had it been Cassie alone. Her style of begging is pretty much limited to the guilt-inducing stare, which I find easy to ignore.

Ruby, however, is gifted with a flamboyantly dramatic flair. She trots back and forth in the kitchen, peering expectantly up at the countertop. After awhile, Cassie picked up on this, and now whenever I sit down to the table, they start charging around the kitchen in circles, glaring at the counter. I'm doooomed! If I'm to have a single mouthful of food in peace, I have to get up and slice a carrot for the little monsters!

Hand a carrot stick to each dog, and they split up and run off in two directions. Ruby lopes down the hall toward her nest in the back bathroom, glancing warily over her shoulder just like a coyote. Cassie trots into the family room and takes up her position on the dog rug -- as far from the back end of the house as she can get. No fear of hijacking going on there... ;-)

Once my wife took some cake to the living room for breakfast.  She had to go to the bathroom and left the cake on the coffee table.  I was in the kitchen getting my cake, while Yoda is looking at me begging for food.  When she came back, the plate was empty and cleaned.  There was no sign there ever was a cake.  My wife thought that I was playing joke on her.  Then we realize, it was Chewie, who ate and the lick the plate clean in less than 30 sec.  Chewie then left the scene of the crime and went lay down in his bed.  You can never turn your back on a Corgi!!!


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