We just got some very distressing news about our little Sophie. We had taken her in for testing to rule out Cushing disease. She had become "paunchy," had some hind end weakness and lethargy; my sister's dog had these same symptoms and was Dx'd with Cushing, so we thought that was a possibility. The tests came back negative for that, but her albumin levels were off. So we took her in for a re-check and a liver bile acids test, since she was due for that anyhow. (We do this every so often due to her phenobarbital for seizures being hard on the liver.) The vet told us that she felt some enlarged, slightly firm lymph nodes under Sophie's chin and did some aspirate samples to send in for analysis, too. This scares me big time. Poor little Sophie; she has had a rough go of it with her seizures (and she had been doing so well for so long lately) and now this. Tuesday will be her 10th birthday, too. I hope this turns out to be not as dire as I fear it is. Please send a good thought Sophie's way!

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Poor Sophie! I do hope all the test come back containing good news! Blessings!!

Lots of good thoughts and prayers for Sophie and her humans that the tests come back with something that can be easily treated.  Please keep us posted.

prayers for Sophie  (((hugs))))

Sending good thoughts and prayers...it's hard when our 4 legged loved ones start getting older!

Oh, I hope it turns out to be something easily treatable ;-<    Sending thoughts/prayers your way...

Prayers for Sophie and you

Any news yet on Sophie? Poor girl.

Positive thoughts and corgi hugs coming your way.  Hope Sophie is ok!


Hoping this turns out to be better than you fear. Best wishes and thoughts!

Thanks to all who responded to my post the other day. The results were delayed due to the holiday weekend and our vet was out sick one day, so we didn't get the results until today.

There's bad news, worse news and the worst news. I haven't even had time to look at /look up what all the numbers /results mean. UGH! My head is spinning.

Bad news - Sophie had a bladder infection, which explains the accidents of late in the kitchen, poor baby. We have antibiotics for her and will start them with supper tonight.

Worse news - Bile acids came back HIGH, indicating liver disfunction of some sort.

Worst news- Lymph node aspirates came back with results consistent with lymphoma, large cell type. If this has moved to her liver, it could be the cause of the bile acid issue.

We have an appt. w. an oncologist on 12/11. That's the soonest we could get in. I hope that it is soon enough.

Hubby & I have discussed the situation briefly with each other at home and have tentatively agreed about possible treatments. If surgery is recommended, we won't do that to her unless there's a huge probability of remission/cure, which with lymphoma, I doubt. Her surgery this summer took so much out of her, I'd hate to put her through that for just a few weeks more of time feeling lousy while recovering. If chemo is an option, as long as it doesn't make her feel crummy we will try it. If it's something that would make her miserable, we won't do that. We'd rather she be able to enjoy her last days as much as possible without feeling lousy.

I know with an older dog this is always something hanging over your head, but we didn't see it coming so soon. She had been having such a great streak, no Ss, feeling sassy and good. This year has been really stinky for all of us, but I didn't want it to end like this. What a crappy birthday present for my little girl!

Chris & Sophie

I am so sorry.  Prayers that the oncologist will have better news for you.  Remember tho that if chemo is an option that dogs tolerate it a whole lot better than humans. 

I know how hard it is when our best friends become seniors....I have a 10 and 12 year old.  I look at them and worry how much time I have left with them.

Please keep us posted.

Very sorry to hear it. What a sad development.


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