Hi everyone! I'd like to add a corgi to the household! Currently I have Logan, and he's nearly 3 and gets along with everyone. I had a Aussie that recently died of old age at 14. Logan's not used to being the only dog and could use a playmate. He's got a lot of friends, but would benefit from the companionship of another housemate. I live on the Oregon Coast and we spend a lot of time outdoors. I'd like to find a dog close to his age. I almost adopted one last this week, but it didn't work out. Let me know if you hear of any dog that need a home at a reasonable cost. Thanks all!

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Too bad you live so far away. I just found an owner for a 1year old today and he is a real sweetheart! Good Luck!

I wish you luck with your search.  Are you definitely looking for another corgi?  You can contact breeders within your area and see if they have any they are retiring from the show circut or from their breeding program.  That's how we got Katie, she was 4 when we got her.

Thanks Linda! I'll have to try that!

Thanks Jane. Do you still have snow? Looks like fun, but cold! Too bad it's so far...

Yes, Mary Ann we have snow. Over 8" in a spring storm. I don't remember the last time we had snow in April but I did get to take a snow day from work:) The dogs were loving it!

Did you try Petfinder.com ? Many organizations use that web site.

Are you looking for a pem or a cardi? There's a lot of good cardi breeders out by you that might have adults to retire.

I have tried petfinder. I'll look into the breeders in my area and contact them.


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