My 51 lb corgi must lose weight. We adopted her at 49 lbs and she keeps going up! We have cut back on her kibble and she gets nothing from the table. (Much to my husband's disliking) I cannot bear to cut out all treats and am looking for some low calorie suggestions.

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We do minimal treats in our house. For low cal treats we'll do green beans (blanched or they make dog green bean fries), sweet potato chips, and apple slices. For training purposes we use a special kibble that is like little pieces of meat jerky. It's a complete and balanced meal, so when we train her we're also feeding her. We then adjust her meals for that day. We had some issues with our corgi getting a bit chubby. She's lost weight since cutting out all her unnecessary treats and switching her to a raw diet. We're down 1lb in a couple weeks. She also looks great!

What do you n by "raw diet"?

It is what it says. It's a frozen raw diet that we get. It's designed for dogs specifically and we supplement with things like raw marrow bones and raw duck necks. It's based off the BARF diet and it's designed to be what dogs are "supposed" to eat. Whether I follow that thought or not, who knows. Anyways, yes it's raw meat and veg plus a few supplements. It's done wonders for my little pup. Her vet recommended it to us. Here's what we started feeding her:

And here is what Dog Food Advisor says on this brand:

And or raw food:

Carrotts, apples, plain canned pumpkin, frozen green beans to replace some of her dog food. How much kibble are you feeding her?  I would cut up a piece of string cheese into tiny pieces (quarter and then slice)and when you must give a better treat give 2-3 small pieces. Increase exercise also. Play ball...walks...a bit longer each day.

How much kibble is she getting?

Carrots and other veggies can be good treats. Zukes minis and charlee bears are low cal too I believe.

She gets 1/2 cup am and pm.

Not all kibble has the same calorie content. Depending on activity she probably get between 600-800 calories a day during her meal and treats. Kaylee at 2 yrs with moderate exercise gets 450 cal a day (1 cup of our kibble) plus treats, probably another 100-200 in healthy (and not-so healthy) treats and extras. Muffin probably needs even less. As for types of healthy treats, we use canned pumpkin and carrots, mostly.

I'd check the label to make sure the kibble you feed isn't calorie dense. Adjust slowly so her stomach can accommodate the change.

Edit: Calorie calculation and typos

I'd cut it down to 1/3 cup twice a day, and add in the missing amount with green beans. We use the frozen ones and the dogs love them.

Cassie likes pieces of raw apple and (amazingly) raw carrot. And other dogs of my acquaintance would eat pieces of raw cabbage heart (!) and bits of cauliflower. Weird, but true...and extremely low-calorie!

My dog was overweight when I adopted her several months ago. I NEVER give her table scraps and I measure her food to be sure she only gets 1/3 c. of food 2x daily and she still looks overweight to me. I don't have a scale, but I am judging from her belly. I think it may be because her activity level is so low. She does love fruit and vegetables so I give her green beans, pumpkin and apples on occasion, mainly for constipation, but she still looks a bit chubby to me. I give her less food when she has treats, but she still doesn't seem to be losing weight. In Sully's case, getting her to move is like trying to rouse a baked potato, but I keep trying. She does seem to like romping in the snow as long as it isn't too cold. )Bit of a princess.) She is only three, but she thinks she is at least 18. Is your dog active at all? Agility classes are not an option for me as I live in a very small community, but I do have some success getting her to walk long distances in the woods. Once they gain weight, corgis seem to have a really hard time losing weight, but I'm sure yours will over time. 51 lbs. is amazing but I saw a corgi who weighed 75 lbs. who is now at a normal weight. I glad your pup has found you to help him/her.

When I adopted Max he was 54 lbs....pot bellied pig with a corgi head was an apt description.  It's going to take more than a couple months to get that much weight off safely.  Also take a good look at your dog...Is she a big corgi to begin with...Max's good weight is 35lbs, obviously one of the bigger corgis with paws as big as my hands. That can help you realize if they are 15 lbs overweight or 10.  What does your vet say about her size and overall health?  I agree with Jane about cutting the kibble back to 1/3 cup twice a day.  Recommended amounts even of a weight management kibble is still too much...just about every vet will tell you that.  I use raw carrots...I buy bags of them each week for my guys.  I use canned, no sodium green beans, peas, wax beans in their meals.  I make peanut butter treats for them which are low calorie and they love them...all human grade ingredients.  And no table scraps unless you are sharing an apple.

Lots of exercise...walks, playing.  Even in bad weather you can play fetch in the house, we do.  I hate the cold so this time of year we get most of ours inside.  Watching a corgi's weight is a full time battle...once they lose those extra pounds you have to stay on top to keep it at a good fighting weight.

Also check ingredients in the dog food. Is there corn in it? Where is it in the list of ingredients? I feed grain free. Just like in people...high carbs such as corn are not good for the corgis:(


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