Lucy caught a vole this morning at 5 am. The poor thing couldn't scramble away fast enough and Lucy being low to the ground and all... Ever tried to take a fresh kill out of a dog's mouth? Yes, even my sweet, adorable Corgi can go all wild dog on me if I try to take away her "food" even when that "food" is a pink, smiley face eraser. And it took her 5 days to barf that one up. Back to the whole vole hanging out of her mouth, head on one side, tail on the other: When I repeatedly told her to "drop it"--even offering her one of her favorite snacks in exchange--she gave me a look that said, "you're kidding, right? I have fresh meat in my mouth and you're offering me dried up, scrawny chicken jerky?" Needless to say, her drool began to pile up so she had to put it down and I performed a rather quick swap, jerky for vole. I swear Lucy gave me a baleful glare, but she picked up the jerky and trotted off to her "room" (my study actually, but she has taken over the furniture).

She went after an opossum last week (unsuccessfully)--not enough jerky in the world for that. Who woulda thunk my unspeakably cute Corgi puppy with the satellite dish ears and huge head would have grown into such a...a...carnivorous DOG!

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Haha! They were all-around farm dogs and many are accomplished ratters. Luckily for me, out of my two the one who has a high prey drive is a bit dippy and can't catch anything, and the other one who IS quick and can catch toys in mid-air thinks every toad and chipmunk is either a friend or not worth paying attention to.

How lucky for me that I seem to have the accomplished ratter version of a Corgi. And all this time, I thought she chased squirrels for the fun of it! Now when she has encountered a bat on the floor (alive but not moving much), she remained alert but kept her distance. She only started chasing it when it began to flap around the room--that was actually a funny site.

Wow! Corgis are very fast...but it's lucky she didn't get bitten.

"Drop it..." Heee! Silly human!

Heaven help that squirrel if Max ever catches him on the ground....he has come close to losing part of his tail more than once not being fast enough to scramble up the fence or tree.  If Max could actually jump like most corgis he would have had the squirrel.  Katie, on the other hand, can't manage to grab anything without smacking it with her snout or a paw..sometimes that carrots skitter under the fridge or stove.

Franklin has become quite the vole killer too. He however doesn't catch them, he just finishes the job my cats don't. He's good about putting them out of their misery and then dropping it for me. He has yet to eat one, I hope he never figures out they are edible! YUCK

I really thought at one point, Lucy was going to swallow it whole!

Very likely possibility:) haha!

In Florida its the little lizards that are the bane of a corgi's existence.   The lizards are everywhere and they put on a good chase. I wonder if they have any nutritional value... ;/


If they're geckos, they eat mosquitoes. Now that's value!

Tucker has caught 2 rabbits in the yard.  He brought the first one to me to show me what he did, but wouldn't give it up.  I had to pry it out of his mouth.  Since I wasn't around when he caught the second one, he just left it on the porch.  

He doesn't seem to understand why they don't want to play with him if he puts his head under the shed where the rabbits live and barks at them.


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