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I have hd Fergus for just about a week now and hes a sweet little guy.. But he loves to eat.  I know that from everything I have read it says to put them on a feeding schedule and that would be great for him but we have a 16 year old beagle who is of her own mind and has had food out all the time for as long as I can remember.   Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might make either transitioning my older dog to a schedule or figuring out a better way to feed Fergus.  Any suggestions are welcome.



Renee & Fergus

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any ay you can separate their feeding areas? or place the beagle's food somewhere the corgi cannot get to. it's very bad if a corgi starts putting on too much weight (as in overweight versus growing puppy), as it can cause health issues in the long run.

some suggest feeding in the crate, or in a designated area.  whatever works for you for your schedule.  

also it may make a difference if you're feeding the dogs different types of food, and you don't want them mixed up.  puppy gates are good for blocking off areas, does your puppy have free run of the house right now? because if you can keep your older dog's food inaccessible, it might help.

Sadly the Beagle eats whatever she sees..  She has always been a healthy weight but will just eat anything and will ignore her own food in favor of what she thinks is "better" out of the puppy's dish. We live in a small house so free run is really the kitchen and livingroom and the rest of the doors are shut but I think that I may beable to raise up the beagles food some and get it off the floor and maybe move it into the bathroom where.. for now ... Fergus is afraid to go.  Thanks for the ideas =-)


 Two thoughts: What does the older dog eat? Years ago my Corgis were "free fed" and did fine with a big dog living with them. If not then crate the pup...several of mine prefer eating in the crate...do what works for you or if you are using 2 foods you might have to have one away or in a different room?

The beagle is loving the puppy food because she seems to think its better than her regular food.. Its going to be trial and error I think to stop him from hounding her bowl.

Whatever you decide I would make sure your beagle does not get the puppy food. It is too rich especially for an older dog.

Just put a leash on the beagle when you are feeding the puppy so she can not get to it. I would take this time to change the beagle over to a regular feeding schedule. Start with 3 times a day and gradually switch to 2. Never allow them sharing their food bowls and pick the bowls up after 20 minutes. It will avoid later problems when the corgi gets older.

Puppies can do just fine on a good quality adult food, rather than puppy food.  I have never used puppy  food with any of my dogs, from Toy breeds to Giant breeds.  so if this is what the beagle eats, you can free feed both for the sake of simplicity.  The main drawback is that it can make housebreaking more difficult, but if you can stay on top of that, it should work out.  I would not make changes with a 16 yr.old dog.

Is the puppy confined to only part of the house most of the time?  It's usually a good idea for puppies anyway, so I'd say keep the puppy in the kitchen or something and move the beagle's food elsewhere in the short term.  When puppy has access to that area, pick up the food.

In the meantime, gradually transition the beagle to a schedule.  You can start by leaving the food down for two hours at a time several times a day, and reduce to a half hour or so gradually.

If your Corgi is like most, you will never be able to free-feed another animal in the house, unless that food station is kept away from the Corgi.  A growing puppy certainly can't be free-fed;  Jack would have probably eaten his weight in food if I let him at that age.  The vet said to let him eat what he'd consume in 15 minutes, three times a day.  I laughed and laughed when he said that; in 15 minutes, half the bag would have been gone....

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions.  I have a bunch of very good ideas now.  This morning we raised up the beagles food dish so Fergus can not get to it and she seemed to like the not bending. So we will start with this and see where it leads us.


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