Getting ready to pick up our baby girl in a few hours. My question is this. Breeder has been feeding her puppy chow moistened with water. I would like to switch her to Wellness puppy food. My sister in law says we should keep her on the puppy chow for the first year. Any thoughts?

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Go with your instincts, not your sister-in-laws. Puppy Chow is as low on the quality spectrum as you can go. You can transition her to the new food in less than a week. 

slowly ween her off the puppy chow, it is not the best

Our breeder told us to switch over to the new food by percentages in weeks.  1st week 90% old food 10% new food; 2nd week 80% old food 20% new food and so on and so forth.  She said it would be easier on her stomach and help her get used to the new taste.

we transitioned linus off of puppy chow to blue buffalo in about a week when we first got him (8 weeks old). when he was on the puppy chow he had very wet smelly bowel movements. on the blue buffalo they were much firmer and less smelly. food quality really makes a difference.

It is a hard adjustment for a young puppy to go to a new home.  That stress alone can cause intestinal repercussions.  I would not change food for at least a week or ten days.  You want to limit the number of changes, not only to make things easier for the puppy to adjust, but also so that you can more easily sort things out if you have any problem.  Once your puppy is settled into a routine and a schedule and doing well, you can gradually switch to a food you prefer.  Don't worry about the more or less high quality of the food, this is irrelevant in the short run.

I second what  Anna said about waiting till your puppy becomes comfortable with her new home.  Then you can transition her should be able to do it in a week.

I third what Anna said. Do go about it very slowely when you do. I would start with 20% for week-10 days then 50% for the same time and once more at 75%. It is much better to go to slow than fast and have your pup get sick and have to start all over again.

I would wait two weeks or so to give your puppy time to adjust, and then slowly transition to the new food.

We picked up some wellness puppy food and will transition her to the new  food. Thanks all for your replays.after nosing around the site for awhile I pretty much knew what th  responses would be. This is a great site and look forward to sharing our little girl with you all.

With Corgi's they shouldn't be on puppy food. My breeder (and my vet) specifically told me absolutely NO puppy food. Corgs need to grow very gradually (like large breed dogs) and puppy food can cause them to grow to quickly. Growing quickly can cause them to become deformed or in serious pain. I was told that corgi puppies need to be on either an All Life Stages food or Adult food. GL!

I find this issue confusing.  From reading this site I thought I would switch my puppy to adult food.  When I told my vet, she said that was a really bad idea and that she needed to stay on puppy food, because puppies need the extra fat and protien to ensure that their bones and organs develop correctly.  I told her that I put her on Fromms which is an All Life Stage food and she said that was a puppy food.  All Life Stage food = Puppy food.  So okay, I guess she is on puppy food then.  But when she hits 1 year and I should be putting her on adult food, do I need to switch to something that isn't an all life stage food?  Wouldn't all life stage be bad for adult dogs? 

I always recommend either a large breed puppy food or all life stages(some ALS also have puppy food now). Corgis need lower protein due to they continue to grow until 18-24 months. The small breed puppy has too high of protein for a Corgi. I continue to use all life stages for all my corgis. Hope this helps.


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