Hi everyone, We've had our puppy for 4 days now and we still havent named him. Originally i was thinking about Cooper, Roscoe and Maybe even Mocha, but im waiting for the name that i will know is right from the start, something that matches him and his personality. Does anyone have any good names that you think might match him? please share.

Daniel Mansubi

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Oh what a cutie! I don't have a suggestion but it's ok to wait till you find the perfect name! I named Livvy a different name before I got her and changed it after she was home a couple weeks...it just didn't fit her. I'm sure you'll get some good suggestions!
what a cute baby!
How about a Welsh name? Owen, Dewi, Rhys (pronounced Reece), Trevor, Dylan, Bryce, Cade, Gareth, Tristan, Gavin, Braith (can mean red and white), Cefin, Grydfdd (pronounced Griffith), Llyr, Macsen, Morgen

These are some I've considered and like, but there are all sorts of Welsh baby name websites with even more.
Wynn is also a welsh name... he's the corgi that started all the corgi mania at my house! It was between Rhys and Wynn. You can look up welsh names and their meanings also as I did because I wanted a name that had a "good"
So...tell us about him. :) What personality traits have you noticed?
Hes very affectionate, playful and cuddly :)
The perfect name will come to you. We named Guinness the day we got him after I commented on how "stout" his legs were. And we wanted to stick with Irish names, and Finnegan just seemed perfect for our second one. We had him named before we even brought him home. Sometimes it takes a little thought, but eventually you'll know what name is the "it" name. Are there any books or countries that you're interested in? Those can make for good thought-provokers.
We named ours after Welsh towns. Look at a map of Wales and see if something pops in to your head
Linus, Rufus, Cabo..........He is very Cute. I would love to see more pictures of this one!
Well, I'm all about Rufus, since that's my little guy's name. He's officially Gwillym Rufus, since I named him after William Rufus, a king of England, but had to get some Welsh in there somewhere. My other corgis in the past were Merrylegs Fach and Chloe Cariad, and so I've tried to keep up the tradition of at least one Welsh name. Other names I considered, even though not Welsh, were Angus, Magnus, Finn (I see there are a couple of Finns here)

If you're considering a Welsh town name, I'd avoid Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, however;).
I'm quite partial to Finn myself. :D
My baby is Finn when he's being good, Finnegan when he's being naughty...which is quite often as he's only 3 1/2 months. :)


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