Every morning Simon and my pit mix Josie snuggle on my bed, and the MINUTE I go to get my camera, Simon jumps up and starts bouncing all over the place!

I have a digital camera, so it makes a 'whirr' noise when I turn it on. I've tried going into another room to do that though, and he STILL jumps up the minute I get ready to snap a picture.

I've let him sniff the camera off, on, and WHILE turning it off and on, so he knows it's not some scary thing.

I don't understand. Josie LOVES having her picture taken -- she just sits there and poses like a princess. My other dog that passed away, Beckett, he was a camera hog -- he would 'smile' and everything.

But not this guy -- he's just NOT having it!

I can't even sneak UP on him! This morning, both dogs were sitting at my mom's feet. They were sitting about a foot apart, in the same exact position. It was too cute. So I get the camera, and sneak behind them, and the minute I get ready, that was it -- he moved. It's like he KNOWS!!!!

All I want is a cute pose of the two of them, but the darn corgi ruins it EVERY time!!!!

Any advice? Is this a corgi thing, or is it just MY dog????

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Is there a setting on your camera that allows you to turn off the start up noise? Lance went through a time when he just didnt want his picture taken either! Me being a total picture person made sure that I would give him treats at every picture taking session, lol. I also discoverered that he didnt like the red light that would come on when your getting ready to take the picture that focuses the picture,so I learned to not aim the camera at him when I pressed the button down half way, I made sure that I had the button pressed half way down before I would take the picture and he seemed to improve, that usually was an issue if there wasnt enough light in the room. I hope this helps you.
Good luck! I have this problem too...could you turn on the camera in a different room??? There's so many time I get my camera and they vanish...maybe treats but that hasn't helped me.
I worked alot with Lance as a pup and never gave up, I guess he learned that I like pictures, lol. There would be times that he would purposely turn his head when he knew I wanted a picture, lol, what a character!
Jack doesn't like getting his picture taken either. I want to get a good SLR digital camera, without all that auto stuff that whirs and flashes and makes noises, and hopefully that will help. He does not like my point-and-shoot digital, though, which is why in all my pics he is making an awful face or wandering off-screen....
You have to teach "Sit."
Then, your assistant brandishes the dog treat right behind the camera, else you have to learn to shoot one-handed while showing the treat with the other.
Al & Gwynn recognize "Sit. Stay. Look Pretty." as a standard command, but after about 30 seconds, they think it means "Sit. Stay. Lie Down. Fall Asleep."
He knows 'sit' -- but I don't want a posed photo, I want to capture a spontaneous moment. And I don't have anyone else to help me -- I'm a single pet parent.

Guess I'll just keep trying!
This is funny! And odd! Sounds like Simon is fixated on your camera like our dogs are on the vacuum and the garden hose (hope this isn't true; if it is, FORGET photography!).

A general tip is to shoot while your subject is engaged in something; keeps them occupied and distracted from the camera.
My Canon A590 allows me to turn operation sounds on/off, and you may want to turn off the redeye suppression lamp too; these may bother/scare the dog. It's possible that the visible autofocus lamp is a stimulus?
Avoid using flash at close range.

Try extinction: carry the camera around all the time until it's so routine that the dog loses interest.
(Yeah. Right. Lemme try that with the vacuum....)
LOL @ vacuum extinction.
Hahahahaha John! Al & Gwynn's translation.....OMG you crack me up.
Use the stay command when you are wanting to capture the moment, thats what I have to do with lance if my camera is not where he is....but not too far away. He knows the stay command so he will wait, it usually works. Repeat.. Stay...Stay...Stay....until you get the shot!! Maybe work on the stay command if he doesnt already know it! Keep trying, you will get the pic one day!!
I would suggest reading the articles for "stay" at this website.

I feel your pain though. I ended up getting a good camera that didn't take so long to focus since I was missing a ton of shots. Some point and shoot cameras take forever to focus due to lighting conditions too.
The only thing I can think of is to give him a cookie every time the camera comes on. That way he thinks of it as a good thing. If you worry about calories, use charlie bear treats. I know I did that with Miranda and she got used to a lot of things. The only problem now is she waits a long time for that cookie and I have trouble saying no..... we are both on a diet now. LOL


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