This is a question for households with multiple Corgis.  We've got 4 Cardigans and one thing we learned quite early is that we can only add one new bone at a time.  Putting out multiple bones or trying to give each dog a bone just doesn't work - the dogs will fight for control, like WW3 will break out.  One dog will want all the bones or all the dogs will want the same bone.  If we give them a single bone it makes the rounds and each dog, in order, will get a turn at it.  We feed all 4 dogs at the same time in a small area and they respect each others right to feed in peace and when it comes to "treats" all 4 will sit (kind of) and wait (kind of) their turn.  But when it comes to bones, like dog toys, one at a time, if peace is to be preserved, is the rule.  Is this experience pretty much the typical in multi-dog homes?

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Yup, very normal. Food in my house have different ranking. Water > kibble > greenies > treats > fresh meat.
I find that as long as it is very clear whose is whose they share fine but if it is something that is less clear (such as a toy or bone) even if I give each their own there is always only one that is desirable. With toys or bones, we leave them out and are not always monitoring it so it must be less clear .
BONES make my  2 vhighly excited, i have to watch them , and if my son brings his corgi over and the bones are out its TROUBLE , so ive learned to put them away to keep the peace..
Mine do fine if I give them each a chew, but I only have the two dogs. Henry can be particular about which chew he gets but thankfully Luke doesn't really care.
We get fresh bones from the local meat shop, that still have marrow and some meat attached, We tend to put out one more bone than we have dogs. During bone time, we separate our malamute from the pack, as he does get slightly food aggressive. Merlin and Morgana end up sharing a bone most days, while freyja (the basset) tries to chew on two bones at once. Angelo is always the last to grab a bone, and he takes it inside their outdoor dogloo to eat. Its hilarious watching merlin and morgana, as eventually one pulls too hard on their end of the bone, pulling it away from the other who then protests- LOUDLY.
Love your dog's names. sounds like a fun household :-)

For ANY new toys, mine both always pick one that is "better" (even if they are identical) and they both want that one.  In addition, my male is "top dog" and he will steal all the new toys and even lay on top of them to keep the female from getting them.  

Since I have just two dogs, it's easy enough for me to keep things under control.  With more dogs it becomes more problematic.

With lower valued toys (say, a cardboard box) I let them sort it out and they invariably end up swapping, where each has the thing that was given to the other dog.  WIth highly valued toys, like squeaky toys, I try to keep an eye on things. 

2 corgis, we give each a bone, no problem.
I hold out 3 chews and they each pick the one they want.  No. 1 dog picks first and seems to be the only one that cares...the others take a chew and retire to a place on the rug to chew. I've noticed that they always seem to sort themselves out into an equilateral triangle...spaced out the same every single time.  But there's no fighting or swapping of chews. 

must be a personality thing.  (that some have a problem...some don't).  We don't do bones very often (chews more often) but in either case, one each, they take them, put them down, investigate each other's, top dog gets first pick, (but no real fighting or anything) and then they settle down and chew (until they get tired of it, and "bury" it under their crate pads.


Each of them has a corner/end of the crate pad/bed that is a couple of inches higher because of the treasures hidden underneath.


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