I wonder how others prepare for an unexpected sudden emergency when you become unable to care for your dog temporarily, or worse, permanently in the unlikely event you, as he caregiver become incapacitated. I assume one of my grown children would take Sully if necessary, but they each have several animals including cats, dogs, ducks and chickens, and one already has more children and adults than rooms so it would be an act of love, but hard, I think, on my family and my very low key dog who is used to living alone with me in a quiet, rural setting. Sully does well when we visit my large family, but she never leaves my side during the entire visit to any other homes. Is there a way to prepare ahead of time for foster care or adoption of a dog in emergencies? I am very healthy, but having been hospitalized unexpectedly in the past, before I had Sully, I wanted to know how to be prepared for any situation. Sully is very well-behaved but I know from her records she has been through a lot, especially before she was given up for adoption, so I would think it would help a lot if she were always cared for by someone who knows and respects the importance of mutual respect that helps corgis thrive. I am pretty sure Sully is a mix, though she looks mostly PW corgi. I found a program that helps with this issue but they only work with pure breeds for some reason. Fortunately, I will probably never actually have to test this problem out for real!

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I agree Karen...great idea to have a discussion or even a special place for this! I personally have a chunk of my life insurance set aside and the $ goes to my niece for this exact reason. I have it in my will also so along with her name address and phone numbers so that the amount would then come out of my profit sharing if I no longer had this insurance. My niece knows exactly how I feel and would help find my dogs/cats new homes. The money I have set aside would pay for any expenses needed for the life of all my animals. She knows that this might "help" someone who maybe couldn't "afford" something but to know it was covered such as special tests/treatments...she would have to OK this but it would be covered. I have not yet sent her my adoption/rehoming form but will get around to it. It is one I use for my rescues. Any left over money after all the animals have died would then go back to my children.

As part of an estate planning package, many attorneys prepare a power of attorney for pet care.  This specifies who can take care of the pet(s) in an emergency.  Trusts are also useful to set up a long term care situation.

Anyone (and everyone should have) an instruction book for a person who has to take care of you and your property in an emergency.  It can include everything from where the refrigerator warranty is to what to feed the pet(s) and when.  A simple notebook will do.

Wow, good question! I have had nightmares about being terminally ill and writing the 'good home wanted" ad. I hope it does not happen, but I need to be planning, too. I have heard of people stipulating that a pet stay with the house when it is sold, for a dog that has lived outdoors on the property all their life.

I have money set aside in my will for my animals and have talked to my son about it. He accepted the responsibility of making sure that the animals are all taken care of.

I feel much better having a plan made. Even if people have something made out and people to "help" is better than nothing.Iit took me awhile to actually get this done.

The Humane Society and ASPCA can help as well.  I had a friend who suddenly lost her job and had to move out of state to get another, but could not find a place to stay right away that would allow her 2 cats to stay with her.  She tearfully took them to the Humane Society thinking she would have to give them up, when they heard her situation they agreed to house the cats for the time period that took her to find another place to stay.  They agreed to terms (since she had no income) that they would provide all care and food and she could pay them back when she could afford to.

My God! That makes me feel so much better. My budget is so tight I was having second thoughts about whether I planned well enough for adopting a dog. Fortunately, people always ask me if they can spend some time with Sully because she is so easy to care for. She will get good recommendations at least. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that having a good dog is usually dependent on how much time and attention the dog gets with caring people and how much research is done by the owners to learn about dogs, and Corgis in particular. I had my first really trying day with her today. She was actually caught doing something seriously wrong twice. I have been so spoiled. I was actually really annoyed, though I didn't share it with her given her submissive and fearful temperament. None-the-less, I can see how quickly she could pick up some negative behaviors and become a handful if her behavior was accepted good or bad. I know she would do well with anyone who is aware of doggy behaviors and needs. Especially if it were a temporary arrangement. Thanks for the advice!


In the event that my husband is longer here then my daughter will take both dogs and the cats.  Since she would be my sole heir all my money, property and insurance goes to her.  We've already discussed this.

My husband and I are currently administering an estate..for 4 years now but I won't go into the mess that it is.  There was a dog and a cat and at first our friend's son and DIL didn't want to take either and we were quite beside ourselves because they were housed in PA and we live in NY.  Thankfully they changed their minds when their daughter got so upset that grandpa's animals weren't going to stay with her.  He had made no provision for the animals and there was just no way we could take them...with 2 dogs and 3 cats of our own.

I think of how often this happens...so sad! Our outside cats were from a lady that had 43 cats when she died...luckily the Humane Society "saved" them all and gave them to people who would take them with all shots given and spayed/neutered...that was quite the expense!

I would hate to see any of my animals just "given away" with not much care given to who...

Our kids are dog people also so I'm not too worried about them. My dogs might not be too happy with their new dog "relatives" but they would adjust and I know they would be well cared for and loved. 

I do have signs on my outside doors reminding emergency people to rescue the two dogs. The dogs have multiple phone numbers on slide on tags on their collars for emergencies and are microchipped. Since we travel to and from GA for the winter, I wanted more than just our cell numbers on their collars so our son's is there. He would call his sister if she were closer to get them if necessary since she lives in GA. I also have tags on their harnesses they wear in the car as a back up.

To true after having a second fall on our rural property last Sunday and hitting my head quite badly it has made me rethink the situation with my 2 dogs Oscar & Sam!. I have provision in my will that they are taken care of. Paul will look after them I know without a doubt Oscar is nearly 11 and Sam is 6 so I hope I out live them both but with having a medical condition for the last 20 years there are no guarantee's. Oscar & Sam are spoiled rotten and I don't know how they would cope without their 2 dad's they say animals adapt but in their case I'm not to sure about this?. My Solicitor's have been instructed that my dogs are to go to a person I have nominated and they have agreed to take them as the person is a retired vet and the boys adore her. Paul and I had an argument the other day about this when Oscar leaves this world I'm not to get another dog but I made it quite clear I will always have animals in my life and that's how it is!. Maybe I'm not being realistic but I have to have animals in my life they keep me grounded!. We have a possum we have called Harry in the possum house in the jacaranda tree he sticks his little snout out late afternoon I put apple out for his I just make sure Sam is not around!.  


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