Ok folks, I feel the need to go on a little rant today.  I have 3 friends now who have gotten pups from a breeder (not all corgi's) on the condition that they not be bred, and then they decided to go against the breeder's wishes and breed them anyway!!  Grrrrr!!  In my opinion, if the breeder says please do not breed this dog, that is their decision, and if you don't like it, go somewhere else!!  Sure, I would've loved to show Frosty in the ring, he was within the standard, just barely, but that's not what my breeder wanted, so we got him fixed.  I just think it is irresponsible of novice breeders to get a dog and feel like they know better than their breeder, and they don't care if the puppies will be papered or not, but they want to make more puppies.  Sorry for the rant folks, I am just really frustrated with my friends.  I am not saying that I think breeding is bad, I am just saying, please respect your breeder's wishes, and if you don't agree with what they have to say, don't get a pup from them, it's rude.

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If there is a written contract, someone can turn them in. I don't know how close you are with these friends, or if they are friends you want to keep or ones you would be willing to lose. However, we had in writing that if we bred the dog anyway, we would forfeit any money made from sale of pups to a rescue group.
I totally agree. Breeders have a keen eye for the traits that should be passed down that are for the betterment of the breed. My Madoc (neutered as per contract agreement) is a lovely dog-- has a beautiful personality, stacks like a pro, has been super in obedience classes, but his markings aren't what a judge looks for and there may be mini-flaws I am incapable of seeing-- topline, gait, etc.. I've never felt like I've missed anything by not entering the show ring or breeding him. He's the best companion ever, and he wins Best of Everything in my heart!
The creation of life is a serious act. To disregard the decision of an dedicated, experienced practitioner -- someone you've trusted enough to buy your dog from them -- seems seriously presumptuous, irresponsible. How would you defend a decision like that?
Jordans breeder retired after a long and ugly battle with some people who did the same thing. She found out when they tried to register the litter. I'm glad to say she got the her male back (When I called too see if she was planning another litter she offered him to me but I had my heart set a a female) I know it went into the court system but that's about it. My contract stated no-breeding and I would forfeit Jordan if i did breed him and she would not allow the litter any registration rights on her part.
If people want to be breeders, then they need to discuss this with the breeder who is selling them the dog. They need to pass the "sniff" test as far as their reasons for wanting to breed. They need to purchase a dog who's been cleared of the significant genetic diseases in that breed, and they need the guidance of someone with more experience when it comes to picking a sire or dam for those puppies. If your breeder isn't willing to give you clearance to breed the dog he or she is selling you, there's probably a good reason. And, if you're trying to sell puppies with no opportunity to be registered, who's buying them? What guarantee do you have that those new little lives you've created will be long, happy ones? I couldn't breed a dog if I didn't know with pretty high certainty that those puppies would have good lives and were being purchased by people who would do what's right for them. I think the kind of people who are willing to commit to long term care of a dog, if they're buying a particular breed, will want one that has the potential to be registered if they so choose. They'll also want one with a health guarantee, and what kind of guarantee can a backyard breeder give them? As was noted on another thread, those puppies cannot compete in Obedience and Agility, etc. I don't think I could look at myself in the mirror and feel good about what I'd done if I bred a dog that was selected to have limited registration by a breeder.
A lot of people don't care about those things. They just want a cute dog. :[ The people buying from irresponsible breeders are irresponsible owners. Irresponsible owners certainly outnumber the responsible ones. I live with one.
I am very mad at my friends about this. One is a very good friend, so I just explained my displeasure with her about it and refuse to discuss the puppies with her. The other 2 are no longer my friends over it, because I was very upset over their flippant attitudes and disrespect for their breeders. All 3 of them are in it for the money. That's all they see money, money, money. I tried explaining that breeding puppies is not a get rich quick scheme, but they don't want to listen. They don't care who the puppies go to, or what happens to them in the future, they just want to make money on them and be done with them. It is disgusting. I am just so sick of people saying "well I don't care if my dog fits the standard, I think its the best dog ever, so I'm going to make lots of puppies and sell them for big money because my dog is awesome!" Grrrrr!!! Just cause you're dog is awesome, does not mean that you should make a mess of puppies!! I just want to pull my hair out over people like this!!
Another reason I wanted to post this is that I came have come across a number of people on this site that have this same attitude. Not so much about the money usually, but more about the my-dog-is-awesome and so therefore I should breed it complex. Since I can't shake some sense into them, I thought maybe, just maybe, if I posted this discussion, at least one of them would read it and say, hmm, maybe it is not a good idea to breed my dog. If I can stop just one unnecessary litter from being born, I will feel like I accomplished something. It is just so sad : (
I've also heard this one "my dog is so cute and their dog is so cute, so we should breed them and make cute puppies".
My sister-in-law got her dachshund/beagle mix from a lady who purposely breed a beagle and dachshund. Her reasoning was that it would make "cute puppies". Well sure the puppies where very cute, but the dog has some health issues now that he is getting older.
So annoying....
Could not agree more! Anyone seriously thinking about breeding their cute dog without really researching it should take a tour of their local Animal shelter. Even if you are lucky and have homes for your pups it is unlikely that there is much $ in it and the shelters are filled with the offspring. There are so many things that can go wrong with the birth of puppies and supporting the mom correctly is expensive and time consuming. Unfortunately it is difficult and expensive for a breeder to enforce their contracts so many rely solely on the responsibility of their puppy buyers. You were right to criticize your friends.
i totally agree!! im very glad u have posted this as it breaks my heart when people breed puppies for money and not the health or temperament of the dog. it makes me sick because half of these dogs end up in shelters. a responsible breeder dosnt care about the money, they care about the health and temperament of the pup along with matching them with responsible owners. i have been wanting to share this story for some time.

i was at the dog park when teddy was a pup and a lady who had a corgi came up to me and said "o my that is a gorgeous pup u have, since he has a rare blue color u could make a ton of money by breeding. u going to breed him right?" i of course said no. its not right to bring a pup into the world just because he has a rare blue color. besides he had only one testicle (he of course of is fixed now) her response was "so?! the person will never know that and like i said he is a rare color so u can make a ton of money" so i basically chewed her out. the nerve of that woman, ugh!

i honestly in the future want to breed corgis but not for money. money in my eyes is worthless but having fun and loving what u do in life is what makes u rich. and corgis make me so happy. i honestly never have smiled nor laughed as much until i got teddy and i look forward to learning more until i can one day become a wonderful/responsible breeder and bring more smiles
I agree with you, they have a wonderful effect on your life. When I got Miranda, I was absolutely in love with her, and I felt bad that she was fixed because she would be the perfect mom. She dotes on children and she loves her little brother... she even found a mole lost in the snow by our house and gave it a bath. The mole hated it, but she was very loving.

But I knew better than to breed her, for many reasons. Yes she is a great dog but a horrible example of the corgi breed standard. Most important for me was this: I did not want to loose my baby girl, what if something went wrong during the pregnancy and she was hurt or killed. I could not live with that. People who simply breed for money, for profit, they cannot provide the care to the mother or pups and have money left over. It is not a money making venture!


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