Just curious, how many of you have corgis that have a recognizable prey drive?  Waffle is ALL about chasing-- he plays with small animals with ease, never biting or showing any desire to maim or kill.  He just wants to see it and mouth it.  He'll dig and pounce, but only to reveal the critter that's hiding.  My roommate's dog was ALL about killing, though, despite being a blue heeler/australian shepherd cross. We couldn't have the ferret out around her because we would not have a ferret anymore.

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Although Al & Gwynn will chase squirrels -- to the point of ignoring a routine "come!" recall -- they have left deer and other animals alone and been well-behaved around horses <sigh of relief>.   The above photo shows Al  obeying "Leave it!" as a blue grouse, with chicks, crosses the trail 10' behind us; this grouse is much less wary than the ruffed grouse, which ordinarily flushes whenever you get anywhere close.

They'll go after squirrels in the yard, but never get close.  They do show an intense interest, but they've never killed anything except squeaky toys, the broom, and the vacuum.

Seanna has a very strong herding instinct.  About as far as the killing goes, it's just flies and crickets so far.  Jackson has killed every squeaker known to man, except the Kong one.  But he doesn't have much of a herding instinct....
Franklin LOVES to chase, he will chase birds, squirrels, dogs, basically anything that runs, however he has NO desire to harm whatever he is chasing. If he chases a cat and it stops he will lick it to death, but never tries to attack or bite it. If he runs after a goose and it doesn't fly away (for him to chase) he turns his attention elsewhere. He hasn't even killed bugs yet. He will carry crickets or dragonflies in his mouth but has yet to actually kill or eat one. He does however maim every toy that comes into my house and I don't own a single plush toy that still has its squeaker or stuffing!
Milly loves to chase and has caught a squirrel twice. I didn't see it the first time but I was with her the second. Once she caught them she did not know what to do, lol. She had one paw behind the neck and one on the tail and was just looking at why the thing kept squirming:)
hahaha so funny!
My corgis go nuts at their Grandpa's house. He has a gopher infestation. They are snout deep in gopher holes. Fixil finally got one and ate half of it before my father-in-law noticed. They also chase birds and lizards too but without success. But they are both friendly with the house cats. What I really wonder about is if Fixil could catch a fish. When we go to the beach he will submerge his face to get tennis balls.

oh yea carly has a strong prey drive , im constantly stopping her from killing the bees and bugs hahaha!! i dont know what shed do to a cat if one stopped and i let her go. Hopefully they wouldnt fight ? my goodness she loves to herd the birds in the park and would chase every car if  i didnt have her leashed and ive corrected her for the last 8 months not to do so!

 At night when it gets dark and the opossums come out she goes crazy trying to bark one down , i hope this girl never gets a hold of one...and all we have to say is the word "squirrel" and shes out the door running! hahaha

Teddy found an opossum under my bedroom window the other night. He was trying to play with it like he does with our cats. Said opossum was not amused, growling and hissing. At first I thought Teddy had cornered one of the neighborhood cats and went out there. Nope. I was so surprised I screamed. Luckily Teddy wasn't hurt and he came to me when I called him. The opossum slinked off and Teddy has been looking for it every since. Those claws and teeth on the opossum are quite something.
everyones corgis seem to have such a strong prey drive. teddy has no prey drive what so ever. there can be squirrels running right in front of him but he just looks away. he has been super laid back since he was a pup. but he has a mild herding instinct to just us and the cats. nothing else he wants to chase:)
Several years ago I had a bird feeder in our back yard (not a good idea because of the bird poop) and let the corgis out without realizing 2 mice were under it. Sparty and Buffy chased the mice around and every time the mice stopped the corgis stopped and laid down. It was very funny to watch. They had no interest in catching them but enjoyed the chase. Now with the doberman that would never happen because she loves to catch animals. She has eliminated Opposums, bunnies, moles etc since we moved her in. I do not have feeders in the fenced part of our yard because the dogs will nibble on the bird poo and are prone to diseases because of it.
Seanna loves herding moles.  We have them periodically in the summer, and when she finds one she is so enamored by it she won't listen to me at all.  They make this really high pitched squealing nose when you even get close, and it drives her crazy.  She'll just push it with her snout, and when it squeals her little nubbin starts going bonkers.

I have seen Jack herd a toad several times.  He will follow along behind it, and when it stops he will lie down and wait for it to move.  I would be surprised to see him "dispatch" any living thing, as he's very in tune with others and generally changes his behavior to match the situation.


Maddie seems to have quite a high prey drive, but she's not quite bright enough to catch anything.  Many a time I have seen her circle the bottom of the tree, searching the ground for the magically disappearing squirrel while it chatters away above her.  


However, when she finally realized chipmunks go to ground and don't fly away, she plunked herself down in front of said chipmunk hole and would not move, even when I waved treats in front of her nose.  I had to crawl up to where she was and haul her away (and she has an excellent recall).   The first time one went to ground on her, she kept looking at Jack as if to say "Do YOU know where it went??? You're the clever one!"   But now she knows.   I may have to train her to come to a whistle because the last few times we took her off-leash hiking, she was going off quite far away from us looking for chipmunks.


I think if she were given more off-leash opportunities where critters were about, she might figure it out. 


I have a friend who said the Corgi at the barn where she keeps her horses is an excellent ratter.  


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