My 6 month male got neutered 3 days ago, and today he's barely moved over the last few days. He refuses to walk much when I take him outside to use the bathroom. I've been giving him pain medication as well. 

He's been wearing an E collar and seems to be really depressed. He just lays down staring at me most of the day looking really sad.

Is this normal? 

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No, this is not normal at all.  We had a Sheltie neutered at nearly six (due to medical issues) and naddah was this way, even then.  I've had stallions gelded at 7 & 8 that had long histories of breeding.  Neutering should be a relatively simple process.

Your pup may hate, or be intimidated by, the E Collar. But he should be able to adapt within three days?   Is the pain med itself causing issues with your pup?  Phone your vet, and ask why he needs the E Collar, and pain meds at this point. Check for infection, and/or find a new vet?


Does he act normal if you take off the cone?

I would bet it is the cone. Corgis are short and it is hard for them to walk without it hitting the ground.

Linus HATED the cone of shame, but he had to tolerate it for a full 14 days because he would immediately go for the stitches when it was off. He moped a lot with the cone on. We did take the cone off so he could eat, and we tried a few different ones to find one that made him the least angry. You might want to call the vet if he's not acting more "himself" by tomorrow.

I removed mine after the first day and tried to supervise him as much as I could.    He licked the wound a bit from time to time but I would get his attention with a nice treats, or new flavored chew.    Lets just say that he pigged out those first few days.   :)

When one of my corgis had cancer and had to wear a cone for over a month, I bought a soft cone and it really helped him be more comfortable. The pain meds could be too strong also so I would call the Vet and report what you are seeing.

Not normal. Mowgli was neuters at the shelter the day before we adopted him, I never gave him antibiotics, pain meds, nor did he wear a cone.  I did supervise him and, other than minor licking, he showed no discomfort in spite of having kennel cough ( the coughing combined with having stitches could have been an issue...)   Your pup may have some local issue such as swelling, be reacting to the meds, or to the cone.  

Have you tried taking the collar off of him to see what he does while you're there to supervise?  I know that some dogs will lick at their stitches non-stop, but neither of my dogs ever had to wear a collar.  The vet tried to get me to put one on Ellie after her surgery, but I refused to take a collar and opted to get one at the local pet store if needed.  Aside from the occasional lick (which I gently corrected), they never bothered their stitches.

Forgot to update but he seemed to have just had a bad day. He's been totally normal since, and he's been wearing the collar for almost a week now. He has also learned how to be mischievous while wearing it. 

The stitches just look like a normal cut that has been healing for a couple days. 


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