I'd like some input here.

My 10-week old puppy has vomited at least 4 times in the last 48 hours.  Twice it seemed to be mostly undigested kibble that he had eaten not too long ago.  Twice he seemed to throw up nothing but some bile, although, it's possible that he may have eaten it before I got to him.  He seems inclined to eat it. 

He has seemed pretty normal otherwise.  He might be a little fussy, but that may be just because I'm looking for a change in his behavior.  He has had quite a bit of energy.  He doesn't have diarrhea, although his stools have been a little soft.  His food and treats have not changed but we had stopped softening his kibble with water.

This is my first puppy, so I'm at a loss for what to do.  We did put in a call to the vet, but she was already gone for the day.  He doesn't seem in distress, though, so a trip to the vet hospital seems like overreaction. 

Any suggestions?

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Could it be that he ate his kibble too fast? I remember growing up our (adult) corgis would do the same thing. For this reason the puppy I am getting this Saturday, the breeder recommends adding water to the kibble like you were doing. She says the faster the dog eats the more water she add-she does this for their entire life. I would start adding water back to the kibble.
Adding water prevents bloat! And corgis are so prone to bloat... It could be that he felt bloaty and barfed... then ate it coz he was hungry?
Keep a close eye. Vomiting that happens over and over like that often has a cause. A one time vomit, I don't tend to worry about, but if it keeps happening, talk to the vet. I agree, unless he start vomiting several times in an hour, there is no need to go to the emergency clinic. However, if he does start vomiting a lot (like 3-4 times an hour), you need to get somewhere ASAP as dehydration can set in fast.

The bile vomits could be that he's hungry and his stomach is empty but churning up acids. My Aussie boy is prone to doing this, and I just give him a cookie when he does and it settles right down. How often do you feed him? At 10 weeks I would still be doing twice a day, and maybe even 3 times a day depending on the dog and my schedule.
Has he been wormed? Has he been to the vet with a stool sample?

So hard to say. Some just eat too fast and vomit. Sometimes it's a sign of some critters. If you just brought him home, it could be stress. Make sure he stays hydrated; do the skin pinch test and the skin you pinch should return to normal instantly. If it does I would not worry too much but if he hasn't had a stool sample run at your vet I'd schedule that.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm taking him to the vet this afternoon. He doesn't seem to be dehydrated, but he did vomit again at least once last night. He's such a little trooper. He didn't whine or anything so it didn't wake me up.

This morning he's definitely tired and lethargic.
Poor baby. Tired and lethargic is not good. I am glad you are taking him in to the vet. Let us know how he's doing!
I am glad you are taking him in. A puppy that young can get in trouble very quickly.
How's the pup doing?
We had an x-ray. He doesn't have any obstructions, but the vet said there was a lot of gas in his intestines. He was a little dehydrated, so the vet gave him fluids. Now, we're on a bland diet and have some antibiotics for him. He hasn't thrown up in 12 hours so the vet said it was safe to feed him a small portion of chicken and rice and if he keeps it down for 5 hours, we can give him more.

He's so hungry! It's breaking my heart. But, I'll be able to feed him soon.
Glad things are getting better! It's so hard when they're sick!


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