Did you love your fubaby at first sight or did it take some time to get to know them and fall in love? Weston comes home in five days and unfortunately our first meeting will be the day he comes home. I am already madly in love with him, but my boyfriend is unattached and says he won't be until he meets him and gets to know our baby better. I would love to hear y'all stories and experiences with your new babies.

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Heres a few pictures of Weston bear

I've meet and picked all of mine except Bella as she was 9 hours away. Every pup I have been attatched to before they came home and of coarse each one got plenty of new toys and a new bed...for not
picking Bella by meeting her I couldn't wait and she was all I could have hoped for:) Have fun!:

 Neither of my girls were "puppy pupies*. Gwen was 5 months and Nim over a year.  But I loved Gwen before I met her and was ready to love Nim as soon as I met her.(we did have to pass the Gwen test so I tried not to assume and give my heart until we knew it should work out between the girls)

Being honest I love them equally but differently I think because they themselves are different.

Kat...this makes me think of Teddy...one of my puppy mill rescues. I took 3 and had put him back at the the holding humane society where he was being held but I looked into his eyes and there was that instant "connection" so he is living out his life with me:) I swear he knows...he has a very special place in my heart!  It's so amazing some of those 'instant" bondings!

Ace came to me at 16 weeks and I feel a bit bad for admitting it but, I would have gladly stepped in front of a moving car for him, but I didn't really *LOVE* him until maybe two months in. He was so frustrating, life become very very busy, I was sceptical of my decision to get a dog in the first place... a very trying time for everyone. In the end, he became the king of the household, but it took a while to get there. I think if he'd been younger, I could have bonded quicker with him but it was tough when he was already at that "testing the boundaries" stage. Best of luck to your little family. :-)

Thank you all for your wonderful stories your pups are all gorgeous. I sometimes wish I had more knowledge of what to look for in breeders and when getting a new puppy because I feel like Im lacking the "experience" I should be having (or think I should be having) bringing home a new pup. My home is all prepped and filled with toys, treats, and love and I'm hoping he will be as excited as we are to have him. Here's to hoping my boyfriend becomes more enthused soon as well :p

Erin....that just might be the differences in personalities...sometimes people need time to "bond".

Max came to us as a rescue at the age of 5.  We picked him up in MA, a 3 hour trip one way.  This was a corgi that by an standards was not the best looking dog.  He is a fluffy and was shaved bald, he weighed 54 lbs.  The description I got of him before we picked him up was "a potbelly pig with a corgi head."  Extremely accurate.

Three of us made the trip..me, my husband and our daughter.  I sat in the back seat with him all the way home.  He wasn't affectionate, in fact he pretty much ignored me but by the time we got home I felt so protective on him.  After we got home and introduced him to the cats and settled in for the evening he came over, sat in front of me and put his head on my knee.  That was all she wrote...I was head over heels in love with this dog and I still am 6 years later.

Then we got Katie...she has a totally different personality.  They are uncle and niece.  I love Katie, she is a total sweetheart but Max and I have a bond that I have never had with any of my other dogs.

Linda...WOW, he was a big boy. It's amazing how they "get into our hearts".

For me and Franklin it was love at first sight. I know the feeling was mutual because he loves everyone at first sight :-P I got him from a breeder in Idaho so did not get to meet him in person until picking him up at the airport. The breeder sent me pictures and videos daily with details of his personality and behavior, but the moment I saw his picture I was in love. I had been searching for a corgi for more than a year but the moment I saw his picture I knew he was meant to be mine.
Jack was a baby puppy (10 weeks) when we got him. When we drove to pick him up, we still didn't know which pup was ours. The breeder said she had two she thought would suit us (we were near the top of the picking list, I think).

Well, she brought out Jack and we squealed and cooed and never even asked to see the second puppy. That was the end of that.

Maddie was four-and-a-half years old when we got her. It was a different experience. I loved her right away, but since she was not a helpless puppy with the round features she didn't bring out the maternal instinct in me. With Jack, I hated to even leave the house when we brought him home. With Maddie, I loved her but was not so strongly bonded. It took a little longer to get to know her to get that intense protective feeling.

But, they are all different. I love them both very much, but Jack is my heart dog and I don't know if I'll ever feel the same about another dog as I do about him. I almost see him as my equal more than my pet to care for; he helps me run the house and he's sort of my partner.

So they are all different. I think my husband is more partial to Maddie because she's a sweet cuddler who is not so argumentative like Jack. :-) Me, I like a challenge.

I thought I loved her right away which was nice. For me though that it is the little incidents that happen over time between us which bring on much more intense, undeniable incidents of love and bonding which show how connected we have become as partners and best friends. It could be anything from a simple look to an unexpected mutual understanding. Hard to explain, but you know it when you experience it. In other words, the first meeting is great, but really getting to know and trust each other, in my mind, is the best!


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