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Well my dear little Butters have developed some anxiety issues.  Which is rather strange because it's just creeped up in the last few months.  I've only noticed it during thunderstorms, video game playing, vet trips, and car trips.  It's a very heavy shaking and heavy panting.  Yesterday, while at the vet, they noticed it as well and said her heart was racing.  My poor baby.  Well, the problem is I'm getting ready to do some traveling with her and I'm getting a bit nervous.  Before she loved car trips, but now if I crate her she cries and shakes or if I leave her in a seat but restrained she attempts to jump, cry, and shake. I have a 4 hour car trip one day, followed by a 5 1/2 hour flight the next. The vet said I could try Benadryl for the anxiety because it just makes them sleepy.  She and I both agreed not to use anything more serious because she's not destructive and not being able to monitor her fully would be too dangerous.  I'm curious if anybody else has ever used the benadryl trick?  She said I could give her 25 mg.  I'm wondering if there is a children's Benadryl if I should use that or just use the adults.  And should I give her the liquid or the pill?  Any opinions are welcome!  Thanks so much!   

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I do not have experience with this, but I would suggest trying whatever you choose to do BEFORE you actually need it, so you can assess the results without the pressure of the trip.

I have used liquid on a pup when she bit a bee. I would use the tablet your vet recommended then you don't have to measure anything. Good idea to try it 1st.

I have never used it in adults except for bees also but I have a rescue that is scared of storms and I am wondering if this would help her too...just thinking out loud. I might have to try it.

Bogart was on 25 mg of Benadryl twice a day for a cold, per his vet's recommendation. One mg per pound of weight is the rule. Anyway, I don't think it poses a danger.

Thanks for the advice.  I went to the store and picked up the 25 mg pills.  Fingers crossed that it helps my poor little anxiety ridden pooch.  I'll give an update on how it works!  

We used benadryl after Kaylee was sprayed to keep her energy levels down. Worked wonders to take the edge off especially at night. Definitely give it a try before you need it because it can defines give the opposite side effect, hyperactivity.

We've given benadryl for allergies but it never seemed to make them sleepy honestly.

I'm pretty sure the airlines do not recommend giving any type of medication before a flight.

Well, I just wanted to report how the Benadryl test went annnnnd of course Butters is the type that would have the opposite reaction.  She was bouncing off the walls to say the least!  So I will just keep the Benadryl around for any allergy possibilities but definitely not for anxiety issues.  But we made the trip all in one piece and she did fantastic.  Phew!  :)


Better that way!

I use Benadryl (actually Walgreen's generic approved by vet) for July 4th fireworks.  Max does not like them or storms.  He doesn't get panicky but does glue himself to me and the nervousness can last a day or so.  I use an adult pill...he also needs them for allergies at different times of the year.

I would try it first before starting your trip.  There is a another thread on here about Benadryl saving lives due to allergic reactions.  I posted a link to the dosage to use but since your vet already gave you an amount I would go with that.

I use a "calming" collar on Rocky, who gets anxious when we travel. He doesn't shake and fuss just silently gets bloody poops and runs a very high fever. Not fun. We put the collar on him a few days before the trip and leave it on him for a few days after we arrive at our destination and he does just fine. I get the collars at our local Menard's (no affiliation). I buy two of them since we are gone 3 months. They are supposed to last a month so if you are just on a short vacation, one should be fine. They contain some herbal stuff and are supposed to mimic the scent of the lactating mother and keep the dog calm. Works for Rocky. We didn't use one 2 years ago and by the end of the first day of travel, Rocky was running a fever and not eating. Poor guy! He just gets this worried look on his face and suffers in silence. Oh yes, he smells just lovely while he is wearing the collar. I think it has lavender in it!! Rosie appreciates it since she is in the back seat with him!

Oh my gosh, that sounds awful for poor Rocky!  But I'm going to have to look into one of those collars.  Now Butters has gotten the nervous poos before in the airport.  She took a huge poo right in front of the TSA agents once.  They were not thrilled.  Lol.  

I can confirm what Karen said about how good those calming collars work.  Only we had to use it on one of our cats.  Gemma is a very skittish cat, always has been.  Then we took in a young stray male...tho we had him fixed within a week of his arrival.  He doesn't harass our other cat, she smacks him upside the head just like a mother cat.  But he harasses the hell out of Gemma, she runs and hides.  She also has glacouma and has to have drops twice a day which does not make her happy.  She hit a point that she was hiding all the time in the closet.  Staying out of light is an indication that glacouma has gotten worse so I took her in for a check up, eyes were fine.  So the vet and I determined that she was just trying to stay away from Oliver. 

A friend suggested the calming collar, I got mine at PetSmart.  Put it on her...and it does have lavender....I could see the difference within a couple of hours.  She stopped hiding and didn't get so upset when Oliver was around.  They do tend to break easy and she got hers caught under the blankets and lost it.  But just having it on for a few days was enough to get her over the hump.  I wouldn't hesitate to use it again.


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