I need some ideas about the best way to restrain my dogs so I can travel with them.  I would like for them to be in the front seat with me, (they really hate being in the back seat and will try like mad to get in the front).  Any advice and what kind of restraint system any of you have found that works would be so appreciated.

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Honestly I wouldn't ride a dog in the front seat if there are air bags. Air bags can deploy in even a minor accident. If they are a risk to small women and children, imagine what they could do to a dog.

Mine ride in car harnesses in the back. They'll also ride in a crate, but the harnesses are easier and keep them closer to the a/c vents.
I agree with Beth:) Fortunately, we have a pickup truck with a double cab and a jeep, both vehicles will accommodate dog crates. I am of the opinion that the crate is the safest choice, but if you have a car, the back seat with harnesses is a good choice.
I will third the back seat and harness thing. Rosie and Rocky ride in the back seat in their harnesses attached to the seat belts. They are just fine and happy. No jumping out when you open the car doors, no dogs on my lap, no fussing from the dogs. Front seat air bags could kill them if you were in an accident.
For me, crating is the best way to go. I only have one, so her crate fits fine in the backseat of my car. I've seen some people with a larger crate that fit two dogs in their back seat.

If I had multiples, I would probably have to switch to some other method, but they would always be restrained and in the back seat. It is such a safety risk for both them and you to be unrestrained. An unrestrained dog is basically the equivalent of a 30lb projectile if you ever get into an accident. If humans get safety precautions like seatbelts and car seats, it seems logical that dogs should as well.
I agree...seems like common sense to me to keep our beloved best friends, our furry children as safe as possible and in turn keep ourselves safe Accidents are never planned.
Our pups will not STAY stapped into a harness. They can shimmy out of them quicker than houdnini. I just wasted my money on those things!!!!! My husband has a rather large extended cab Ford pick up and they both lay down in the back seat and sleep. My boy wakes up when he senses the truck slowing....guess he thinks were are "there"....wherever that is.

My Nissan car has an auto detect in the front passenger seat and senses there is not enough weight for the airbag to activate so sometimes I let them ride in the front seat of my car.

We have a very small low the ground Toyota and big boy can jump in and he rides in the front seat of that...but there is not a passenger side airbag. He also likes to jump in the drivers seat and wait for our return when we leave him in the car! He kinda looks like he wants to drive it is VERY cute! Typical Corgis!!!! ^,,^
I really appreciate all the input. I hadn't thought about the air bags! If you use a back seat harness, can they be strapped in tight enough to keep them from wiggling out, and still be able to breathe?
You really need to check it for tightness regularly; Jack lost a couple pounds and got out of his once, though he didn't cause any problems when he did. They adjust in more than one spot. I have mine adjusted so that it's a slight struggle to snap it shut. It's quite snug, but does not seem to interfere with breathing or comfort.
I crate mine. They learn from pup on and crate themselves when they get in the car. I have never used a harness but maybe someday I will try one.
The ADAC (basically the German version of AAA) did a study on this. Here are the findings. It might help you make a choice. Personally, I am going to be changing my restraint system. Ella has been in a single tie down that attached to a tie down point in my Jeep. While the tether is rated for 5000 lbs force, her harness is not. Also, after seeing how the crate faired I am going to avoid that option as well since I don't have the space to put it behind a seat and I don't have a trunk.
Do you mind reposting that link? I can't seem to click it. Thanks.
Here's the study link


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