hmm.. I don't know if I've posted this discussion in the right section but here goes anyways..

I have been thinking about getting a second corgi (seriously this time!) for quite sometime now. I've actually found a breeder and made contact about the litter already! But before I go any further I wanted to find out from some other people what their experiences were like adding an additional corgi to the family. Scraper is a year and a half now and he gets so much attention from the entire family [ boyfriend, and parents] I don't know how he'll adjust to a new puppy in the household.

If some of you could let me know how your corgi took to a new puppy, how the two were introduced, and other things of that sort please let me know! Thanks =]

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We introduced an adult, not a puppy, so it was quite a bit different. We've had our second Corgi for about 7 weeks now, and I'm very happy with the choice.

Jack was a very good citizen and I was concerned that it might upset the balance, but he seems more content having another dog in the house as he likes the extra activity.

It is good to make sure your resident dog is very solid on respecting your leadership before you introduce a new one, because it can help avoid squabbles later on. Besides some basic obedience, it's good if your dog is pretty solid on "leave it" and will move where you tell him to move (out of the way, off the couch, etc). Also if your dog has any food or toy possession issues, even minor ones, it's good to sort them out now; he should be ok with you taking away a toy or food.

You also want to ask yourself if your dog is very dog-friendly and sociable. An opposite-sex puppy is usually the best bet, and be very honest with the breeder about your dog's personality so she can offer you an appropriate puppy. If yours is dominant you would want submissive; if yours is very high energy you don't want a couch potato (or vice-versa), etc.

Here's a link with some of the answers I got:
I'm adding one today, I'll tell you how it goes.
We picked a more submissive and calm puppy because Sparty was so strong willed. He was 1 & 1/2 when we brought Buffy home. It appeared that we had gotten him the best present ever! He loved her dearly and played with her so gently it was great fun to watch. When Buffy reached about two she challenged him a few times and although she hurt him he never retaliated. We changed a few things with her to make sure she knew that we were in charge and they did fine after that. Good luck with your decision. The breeder should be able to help you pick a compatible puppy. Think about what would complement your current corgi not about which puppy you think is the cutest. Best of luck!
It's in the FAQ :)
One can get incompatible dogs, I've heard 3rd hand (friend of a friend got a 2nd bitch, both were alphas, didn't get along....)
I think Gwynnie's life has been much richer since we got Al. They do play together.
Cooper was about 15 months before we got Uno. Coop is very gentle but playful.. he took to Uno really well. Although they did have their spats growing up as Uno started to challenge Coop about being Alpha.. they still are Best buds. Cooper is more independent than Uno.. Uno is like a cling on to me.

What I did when picking out a pup was bring Cooper with me to the breeder to see how he'd interact with the puppies.. he got along great with everybody so we decided on Uno (who was my original choice).

Good luck! THe more the merrier!!
I would go for it! If you could bring Scraper along that would be great but not many breeders will let you do that. The greatest would be if your breeder could help pick out a couple pups that she thinks would work and then you see which one responds to you more(I'm a firm believer in this). I haven't seen any problems with mine they all love pups( my rescue doesn't but she just ignores our litter pups) and have done well with rescues too, how does Scraper do with smaller dogs that he sees??? I think a key ingredient to this is also giving the 1st dog his/her own attention too so they don't get jealous and having a crate for the pup so that he/she can be put in there to nap or when Scraper gets his time plus separate toys beds etc for each.
Scraper has never met any young puppies before (8 weeks), but we do go to the dog park and the youngest puppies he's met are probably 4-5 months. I've noticed that Scraper does have a preference for dogs that are smaller than him! He's intimidated by most dogs larger than him! haha.
The main reason I was so worried about getting a second pup is because I heard stories from people whom heard from people that someone got a second dog and their first dog became jealous and wouldn't respond to the owners anymore and went through a phase of "depression." But as you all have said, it just takes being able to share the love and reassure Scraper that he still matters!

Thanks everyone for such great advice, I will definitely put it all into consideration. The breeder has contacted me and said I can come visit any day this week, I'm thinking about going tonight! Wish me luck! =]
Good luck!!! How old are the pups??? Let us know if/what you decide!!!!
Good luck!
I have 3 females.
We got Meave at 8 weeks. she fit in great.
When she was 6 months we got Boudica(Booty) she was 3 years. They were ok but not love at 1st sight. It has been about a year now and they have been bff for months now.
Last Sunday we got Rhiannon. She is 7 weeks. Both girls took right to her. The pup thinks everyone is there for her to play with.

I always crate train all my pups and big dogs get to stay up later and have one on one time with us. When the big dogs go out the pup goes too. She comes in 1st and gets some one on one time then.


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