All of my Corgis have their special nightime rituals and places to sleep. Somewhat different am ones. Does yours?

Wynn: waits for me to go into the bedroom waits for a quick pet on the bed and then goes to his bed on the floor. AM: says aroooh as soon as he knows I'm up (even if I don't know it) and jumps up for a quick pet and body slams me.

Bella: gets pets and then anchores herself to the bottom end of the bed, out of the way.AM: no big deal just lays where she's at.

Wiley: runs around the bed on the floor waiting several pets and licks and then tosses a blanket around till she gets comfortable.AM: again runs around the floor looking for pets.

Livyy: Nose to nose with me till I tell her to get down. AM: is obnoxious...face to face again and takes her paw to remove my arm from across my face so she can again touch noses.

Sage: Kerplunk with a flying leap right in the middle of the bed between my husband and I hoping that she gets to stay there. AM: learning from her momma Livvy how to pull my arm away with her paw to be face to face.

It's interesting if this is their different personalities that they do what they do. Any thoughts?

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That's adorable. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like everyone has just found what they like to do and how they like to end and greet the day. I'm sure it has a lot to do with their personalities, and maybe some to do with what the others are doing. Our dachshund has a routine, and it will be interesting to see how that routine evolves and changes when we stop crating Ein at night and let her do her own thing too.
My boys are soooo funny. The  two corgis line up outside the bedroom door when we are getting ready for bed. If we take too long they start roofling. Lando Oliver goes straight up the middle of the bed to block Bootsie from getting too close to me. LO nudges you if you stop petting him too early, you have to pet and cuddle him until he gets very sleepy. Bootsie is asleep before his head hits the mattress and he is at the bottom of the bed. In the morning they both are at the bottom of the bed waiting patiently for daddy to get done in the bedroom then he has to put them both on the floor and they rush into the kitchen to get brekkie.

Lance falls asleep on the couch waiting for hubby and I to go to bed, as soon as he hears the tv go off, he jumps up and is ready to go upstairs to "his room," which is actually the spare room.  We actually gate him in there, cause Im afraid hes going to get up in the morning and find something that he should have that the kids didnt put away. Oh yeah and he has two choices as far as beds go, a twin sized bed, perfect corgi sized or a doggie bed, sometimes he picks the doggie bed over the bed to sleep in.  It just so happened we had an extra kiddie bed we werent using. 


Tucker gets gated in the kitchen at night so when its getting late I will have him go in the kitchen, and he goes right to his very comfy doggie bed. 


As time goes on and we have Tucker longer it should be interesting to see how the routine changes, not sure what we will do, will Lance share "his" room with Tucker. Maybe the kids will each have a dog in their room at night as the years go on.  Sometimes Lance will sleep with my older daughter. 


In the AM both Lance and Tucker patiently wait for us to get out of bed.  :)

I work at 4am so in order to function properly I go to bed around 6:30 or 7. The babies get dinner at 6 (and let me know when it is 5:59) so they are pretty used to going to bed shortly afterward. Murphy is on the schedule to a T. If I am staying up late for any reason, he still puts himself to bed on time. He is a little over-weight and it sometimes takes him a couple tries to hop up the step we provided from the floor to the bed, but even on his own he musters up the energy to get up there.

Maya is a crazy baby. She has enough energy to power the world and does not go to bed until the very last minute possible. She will aggrivate the others until she gives up and finds a toy to bat around or throw on her own and chase after. When it is bed time we wait until we are in bed and then call up the babies. Maya doesn't wait for anything or anyone and is usually up on and off the bed 3 times before we give them the okay. When she can finally calm down, she is in between me and my boyfriend and will not budge.

Murphy will slowly come up after the okay (slowly due to his pudginess), give goodnight kisses, and head for his corner of the bed.

Moses (Newfie mix) is his own man. He comes up because we as him to, but sometimes he is in the mood to sleep on the rug. Most of the time he wiggles his way into my spot on the edge of the bed with his head on my pillow.
After they all go out one last time, it is a race to get upstairs for their bedtime snack, a Zuke glucosomine treat. Then it is a race to go into the bedroom with Sparty growling the whole way (he is not all that thrilled with our decision to let Misty sleep there) and Izzy jumps on the bed and falls asleep with her head on my husband's pillow. Misty gets in the dog bed and Sparty waits for me to come to bed so I can lift him in. Mornings they all race out and then race in for breakfast. If one of us tries to sleep in, Sparty lays with his nose as far under the bedroom door as possible and occasionally woofs a little until the sleeper gives up and gets out of bed. Nobody wakes us up if we are still sleeping, Sparty is thankful to be there because we did not always let him, Izzy just likes to sleep and Misty used to sleep in her kennel at night so is also thankful! Fits their personalities just like yours...
Franklin usually puts himself to bed around 9ish. When I am ready for bed I take him out for one last walk of the night and then when we get back in he has to do his ritual roll all over the carpet, this is his last spazz of the night. He will then jump up on the bed and snuggle right on my pillow and expect me to some how contort myself around him. Sometimes he will sleep on his bed on the floor or at the foot of the bed but you can pretty much bet money that if I get up in the middle of the night I will come back to find a corgi has taken my spot in bed. Its really funny and cute how he sneaks in and steals my spot so I can never be mad at him :-) In the morning he is usually about 1/2 inch from my face staring at me until I get up. Once I yawn or stretch he starts running in circles on the bed attacking the comforter then will jump down, BIG stretch and an arroooooooh and then rolls all over the carpet again. Then he finds his favorite toy and runs around squeaking it until I take him out for potty time then feed him. I wish I could wake up as chipper and spunky as he does every day!
Enzo starts to get a little vocal around 10:30pm letting us know its bed time. He usually jumps right into bed with us and gets a little attention until he lets out a deep exhale( we always think it's out of annoyance of our talking) then crawls under the bed his favourite place to sleep. In the morning he jumps into bed with us and lays his face right on one of our necks or backs and whines until we wake up usually around 7:00AM, I must say its a lot better than an alarm clock!

just like people, dogs are different :). i had 6fosters and they all slept differently. teddy on the other hand has always been good about going to bed. when he was a pup he knew the moment that i shown him his crate that the crate was his bed. never has made a fuss. now that he is older i let him choose where he wants to sleep in the house. we have a spare bedroom with our old bed set and he and the cats have claimed that as their bedroom lol. he starts sleeping in there for some time but then comes into our bedroom and sleeps right next to the bed. but if there are times we stay up and he gets tired before us he goes to his crate which is always open to him or his dog bed next to the couch. in the morning he waits until my cats,jango and joda jump on my pillow and start licking my face and then teddy licks my hands to wake me up which is at 9, the time i feed them:) i do believe my cats think they are dogs as they are always trying to lick us lol


Very sweet. Your fur baby's are so cute. Gwenie has a cookie then jumps up on our bed cuddles up next me. She sleeps all 4s in the air. When the alarm goes off she goes to my face & kisses me good morning & howls. She gets up and wants breakfast, goes out then she goes back to bed. LOL If I try going back to bed. I get the evil corgi eye ;)I love her.

If more than one bedroom is occupied, Taffy takes up one side of the loveseat in the living room so she can keep an eye on the whole house. She makes patrols throughout the night- I sometimes wake up to her jingling tags in the wee hours.

If there's only one bedroom being used, she plops next to whoever is using it and snuggles by their legs. She doesn't like being beyond the feet, or above the hip- it has to be level with the leg.


In the morning, she'll get her front paws onto my bed and lick my face and chin until I wake up. If I turn over so my back is to her, she'll lick my neck and ear- she knows my ticklish spots! If I cover my head up with the covers, she jumps onto the bed and sits on me, licking any skin within reach. She is such a little rascal.

Last night we switched up Tuckers routine a bit, we had him sleep in his kennel.  He was great about it!!!!  He must have been crate trained somewhere along the line before we got him, cause he didnt mind at all.  I like to have them crate trained for when we travel.
second night and Tucker went to his crate himself, and put himself to bed!!


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