Just click on the Corgi piece, it is AWESOME

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Way to go!!    My  husband and I love that.   I don't know why all the dairy farmers around here don't use them.
That was so cool! Great Job Bevy!
Loved it!
Congrats! That's too awesome!
Love it! Great job, Wiley clan!
Congratulations to the whole Wiley crew, two footed and four footed!  A big "Arrrooooooo" from Arizona!
Good job guys!  Loved the video.  You know this site is awesome when the Animal Planet comes to Sam to find someone to do a show about.

Yes it is quite the compliment that Animal Planet shows up on your door step. Thanks again Sam. This was fun to do to show off the Corgis and our way of life. The Animal Planet people are wonderful and we got to share our life with them as they stayed out here rather than drive for an hour to get to a motel. Good job short leggeds, you represented your ancestors well and actually made me look like a dog whisperer, which I am not, I let the dogs do what they have hundreds of years of breeding in them to do their job. I am just around for the ride!!!


My pleasure Scott, James told me they had a great time filming at the ranch :)
Thank you Emily & Scout :) Awesome members makes awesome site, I just provide a sandbox for all to play.
awesome video . loved it !!


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