An individual here in the Puget Sound took the life of Molly, a 13 month old Corgi, because he was upset about a dog that was barking in the neighborhood.

Problem is, it wasn't Molly that was barking, it wasn't even the right house. He just walked up to the fence, but his rifle up to her chest and shot her. When confronted, he basically said "so what."

Full story below:

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I really believe we have to start treating abuse and murder of ALL life as inhumane acts. I think anyone convicted of intentionally harming others should pay with the loss of jobs, right to drive, loss of housing, at the very least. Many of the things that law abiding people enjoy are still enjoyed by abusive people. Why should highly paid people, for example, be allowed to miss a few games or take a work break fro a high profile job, then come back to work. The victims never get to return to their former safe lives. People who hurt animals are equally dangerous to people I think. Dangerous people need to lose privileges and learn that the rest of the world will no longer turn a blind eye to unacceptable behaviors. So many cruel acts are judged by the age, gender and status of the "victims," or by the fact that the abuse victim is an animal. I know it prompts many difficult questions, but I think it is time to ask those hard questions. So sorry for Molly and her owners. I couldn't even make myself read the link. Horrible!

That is exactly true. Abusers and serial killers can start by practicing on animals. Then they move on to spouses, children, and passers-by.

If people who do things like this were assessed, by the justice system, in light of the possibility that the behavior flags a potential danger to humans, then across the board attitudes toward animal abuse would change. IMHO the man is extremely dangerous, the more so because he was hopped up on alcohol. The police were right in keeping those folks as safe as they could.

It's true, as Beth says, that the perp needs psychiatric help. But first his family and the general public need to be protected from him.

So sad!

Disgusting. That made me cry.

One year when we were in Niagara Falls on vacation, we saw a news story from Toronto. Someone was intentionally putting out bread poisoned with antifreeze in an off-leash dog park.

I'm always just a little bit paranoid. There are some crazy people out there. The man who shot that poor dog needs some kind of mental help, I think. Being generous; maybe he's just a total jerk.

This is horrifying!! What a nightmare!! Poor little, Molly :( 

( mouth agape in horror) What is WRONG with people?!

Ditto X100...

I read the article from the Bellingham Herald when a friend posted it on FB.

It made me so sad and angry. Why not call animal control? Why not talk to your neighbor? This guy is getting away with murder. Can you imagine what he would do if a neighbor kid hit a ball through his window or scraped the paint on his car? The poor neighbors are going to have to live with this psychopath next door!! Everyone send prayers and healing thoughts to Molly's family. As much as my heart hurts I can imagine their pain is even worse. Rest in peace little Molly. :(

I hope the karma truck runs that jerk over. Reverses. Then plows into him again.


In our part of the country it doesn't do any good to call animal control about barking dogs, or about people letting their animals run free in a leash-only neighborhood park. Could be the guy did call and nothing happened, thereby stoking his craziness all the more.

NYS has Buster's Law....that bastard would do jail time here.  We recently had a similar case here....a small terrier type dog slipped out when one of the kids when out, the boy went after it to bring him in.  The next door neighbor shot and killed the dog in front of the little boy...said it was on his property.  It wasn't.....he is going to jail.

omg, linda how horrible..the poor dog and little boy.  :( 


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