Some Random Questions After Having My Corgi For One Day!


I just got my boy, Frankie, yesterday and he is amazing! He is almost 6 months old, so he is a bit bigger and more adult looking, but has a great personality! I did a lot of research before I got him, but realized last night that I still had some questions I didn't think of before he arrived. Hopefully you can help me with them. :)

1. He lived at the breeder's house until now, but he isn't potty trained really. He IS trained not to pee/poo in his crate, but he goes around my house sometimes. I've been taking him for walks to avert this, but it still happens. When he's not in his crate, I watch him like a hawk, but sometimes it's hard to tell if he's peeing or something because it's extremely quick and he doesn't squat when he pees. As soon as I notice, of course I grab him and put him on a mat, but I'm wondering if there are other ways to help him understand that excrement is only for outside. I know you are supposed to grab them and take them outside as soon as you see them start, but I live on the 6th floor and it would take a couple minutes to get downstairs. Often, he finishes peeing/pooing within about 5 seconds, so it seems kind of impossible with my circumstances to grab him in the middle of his business and go outside. I do have a balcony though, but I'm not sure I'd like him to do his business there. Anyways, does anyone have suggestions for a dog that is crate trained, eliminates during walks, but then also has accidents in the house that are quick and kind of unstoppable? 

2. Even though he's 6 months, he cried every couple hours in his crate last night. I took him outside for two of those times (at 4 and 6am), and he did go potty, but I've also read that you should let them cry otherwise they'll think crying means being let out of their cage/someone will come get them. So, I let him stay in his cage until I woke up and he mostly went back to sleep/was ok/didn't have any accidents. Since he's 6 months, what do you think is best? I know he should be able to hold it for awhile, but I can't tell the difference between the "I want someone to play with me" cry and the "I need to go potty" cry. Any tips? 

Besides that, he is doing wonderfully and I am totally in love! Thanks for any advice you can give. :) 


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Haha! You're welcome!  I believe that they like the singing too!  I notice that Lola will start to wag her tail and gets that little Corgi smile on her face!  My siblings and parents think that I may look a little wacko when they see my "excessive celebrating".  But if she doesn't know or seem to notice that she did something good then I'm not celebrating enough haha.

But I'm glad to hear that he is doing better!  Remember, you've hit the bottom so there is only one way to go and that is up!

Here's some more toys I recommend...rubber, ropes and deer /elk antlers,I use only the small chuck it balls they are great and last FOREVER:) hang in there in a couple months you will have a wonderful pup. I would also get a martingale collar(for walks only, NEVER leave on in the house) it appears to me that he is scared and maybe can't relax to go potty. I always use "let's go" and start walking(you may have to pull him) BUT with a martingale there is NO chance of him getting don't want a scared loose pup as they can bolt.

Here's the martingale collars too!

Thank you so much Jane! The toys definitely give me some ideas for more things we can buy and I think I am going to buy a martingale collar today. I want him to be as safe as possible. Thanks so much for your help!

PLEASE read the above link re plastic bag suffocations.

In the collar FAQ are photos of my modified martingales.

Thank you John! I am looking into buying a martingale collar right now. I have one with a plastic clip currently and I don't feel safe when I take him on walks - time to upgrade. I'll also start cutting the bottoms off all my bags. Thank you!

Just want to add that now is a good time to teach a potty command. As soon as he starts to pee or poop say "go potty" or whatever term you want to use. It makes a huge difference when the weather is bad or you have to change your schedule at all. Mine know that when I say "go potty" that they need to do their business. As long as you do this with your early training it will work forever. I travel often with my dogs and it is a real life saver!

Great advice! I've been working on this phrase for the past few days, so hopefully it's getting in his head. :)

I've been having a lot of success recently! Today, Monja didn't poo/pee in the house at all - his first day! Yay! I took him outside 6 or 7 times on a set schedule that I am trying to get him used to (I will eventually cut back on how often we go) and he peed/pooed every.single.time. What a machine! haha. When I'm home, I generally let him have freedom in the house and I think he's understanding that this is not where we pee/poo.

Also, he has been sleeping through the night now and generally starts whining to go out around 8am when I need to wake up anyways. He's also gotten good at going to the bathroom quickly when we go outside. It usually only takes a couple minutes for him to go #1 and #2 and he has a nearby spot where he always does them both. I've been using the potty command and rewarding him with lots of love and a treat when he goes and I can tell he is catching on. I'm so proud of him!! 

Thank you all for your help! I am thrilled that so many people offered such great wisdom and it really helped me figure out how to train him. Thank you! 


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