Well, just got back from the vet because Sparty has been limping again. Unfortunately our original belief that the surgery got all the cancer was wrong...there is another tumor. I am crushed... I don't have all the information yet but things don't look good. He will be 13 in a couple weeks and I am not going to put him through another amputation and radiation in order to gain maximum of a year more. We plan to let him enjoy his remaining time as long as pain meds work. He gets to be my wonderful, grumpy little boy for a little longer.

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Oh Bev.  I am so, so sorry.  I don't know what to say.  Hang in there....

Oh I am so very sorry to hear this.  Hang in there, and try to make the most of it.  Both of you enjoy every last minute that you can.

Oh, Bev, I am SO sorry to hear that.  :-(       I know how much your boy means to you.   Let him chase tennis balls, boss you all around, and bark at visitors to his heart's content.   Here's hoping the final word from the vet is better than you hope. Tell him that Jack sends him grumbles of commiseration.  

Oh, Bev...I'm so sorry. It isn't easy but you're making a good decision for Sparty! Enjoy him and start a Bucket List:) We're here for you!

Poor guy, poor mama.  I am so sorry.  Keep us posted. 

I'm so sorry to hear that Bev, breaks my heart :(

My heart goes out to you.  I had this happen to one of my dogs a few years ago.... she was a wonderful girl.  I know Sparty will be spoiled rotten and will enjoy the rest of his time with you here.  Best we can do.

oh no what awful news! Poor sparty! I think you are making the best decision for him. Hang in there :-(

So sorry to hear the bad news.  :( 

I'm very sorry to hear that :(

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that...

I'm so sorry, Bev :(


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