Corgis not only collect stuffed animals, they also kill and disembowel them. Corgi owners must either replace them frequently or re-stuff and stitch. Corgis enjoy the ritual of a stuffed animal surgery.

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I just gave Wynn his favorite hedge hog toy yesterday and in a short bit it had hair missing...haven't tried any hair transplants on them yet:( I also have to give it to him alone in another room as it would take about 2 minutes to kill the poor thing if any of my other corgis had it...Wynn doesn't chew or unstuff.

Linus eviscerated one of those toys that claims to be "indestructible" in less than a day. I wanted to write the company and tell them that they keep on using that word, but I don't think it means what they thing it means....


Corky took apart an "indestructible" fire hose toy in less than 5 minutes.  The hose part might have been indestructible, but the stitching wasn't.

Oh yes, I have had to do major surgery and restuffing on many Bobos.  Max takes a while to disembowel them but Katie can have one apart in under 60 seconds.

Wynn wouldn't think of tearing any toy apart...unfortunatly the others aren't as careful...

yes, bought an "indestructible" money, lasted less than 5 minutes



If I would have given Wally's name over his personality I should have waited a bit and call him "Dr. Lecter" He is very precise and meticulous in his disemboweling of stuffed toys. Either made of touch material, Kevlar type strong stuff or fluffy soft fur, he will drag it on the carpet, go real low and be quiet facing his back to us.

It might only take a minute but If I catch him I often dread that my lack of attention cause another victim to fall in the hand of “the surgeon”. He goes slow by putting the material between his back teeth and then grinds carefully, with a purpose. He then brings the toy between his paws and with his front teeth pulls the loose threads apart to access the inner stuffing of his victim.

And like Dr. Lecter’s famous scene with a nice glass of Chianti, the only thing missing is Armani Suit and a set of rubber gloves. I could set a big plastic on the ground with beet juice to make the thing more tragic. Oh wow! I have my Halloween idea all planed…  :)


I just completed stuffed animal surgery the other night. I sat in the hallway with the sewing kit out and Noodles sitting right in front of me. He watched every stitch go in and his head kept getting closer and closer to the toy as I was nearing the end of surgery. Once surgery was complete, he happily took the toy and off and running he went. I still need to do surgery on his stuffed cheetah, but that will be for another day. I think it is hilarious how he sits patiently waiting for me to finish the surgery.

We have a "theory" at our house. Cost of toy equals minutes to destruction. $5 toy=5minutes. 

Wow!  That's an awful ratio, worse than the price of fuel.    :)

There are always a handful of "patients" in my repair hospital. After 3 or 4 reconstructive surgeries they go in the trash.


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