Thought it would be fun to have a place to show corgi items we have found. I found my kissing corgi/salt and pepper shakers at a gift shop....never expected to see corgis so it was a pleasant surprise.

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I totally meant to post here, I got my charm a couple of days ago. I am so happy with it. They sent the nicest hand-written post card along with the package, I thought it was a really nice gesture. My original intention was to use it as a necklace, but it is quite heavy (surprising! I thought it would be aluminum or something). So now it's on my purse.

 I live in Southern California, so it didn't have far to travel. I bet you get it very soon.

I am in Wiscsonsin, so hopefully soon, cant wait.

I'm glad you recieved yours isn't it just the cutest Corgi ....I ordered a necklace also just for the charm, another steal, wow you got a hand written card with yours, how nice.....I didn't   :(  oh well I'm  glad you did .....jeanne 

FInally got my charms today ( i ordered 3, 2 for gifts.) They came in this HUGE bog, stuffed with Juicy tissue paper, than a big pink juicy box, finally inside that was my 3 small juicy boxes also wrapped in tissue paper.  All this for $8.99 a piece adn they didnt even charge me shipping.  What a deal :)

Glad you got yours...should have ordered one myself!

I'm glad they finally arrived, they really package them well and everything is PINK......that was really nice of them to not charge shipping.  Lucky friends that your giving them as presents to....what a great gift..!!!!! jeanne

I got my Charm (Juicy) a few months ago, $48 at Nordstrom with free delivery and free return shipping if for some reason it doesn't work for you. I love it. Thanks to whoever posted it on mycorgi. Once I saw it, I had to have it. Now I'm waiting for Juicy to come out with a tri! haha.

Happy holidays to all of you! Health and happiness in 2013.

xoxo wendy, jack, lucy & ricky

PS I attach mine to my purse. I tried to include a photo but it was sideways. grrrr. I'll try again later, but I wanted to get the info out about Nordstrom's in case they have them available for xmas gifts.

Oh my gosh, so many awesome corgi items!  I just might have to make a few last-minute additions to my Christmas list this year!

I got this for Christmas.  I will start the book soon!  

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I've got one of those! A red/white. I love it!

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