We saved our dog from a breeder in Lynden WA she was going to get put down because of a defect she was born with, which was caused by the breeder in the first place because they inbred. If you come across a breeder of this breed in Lynden watch out because it may seem like it's a fine puppie but could have health problems down the road.

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Well it's hard to tell in her pics but Dini's right eye had sever dry eye b/c her eye ball and socket were not fully developed and so her tear glands did not work. This caused paine and had to be treated three times a day, until we took her she had to live with the paine until we finally took the eye out and now she is so much happier. we have no resent photos of her showing her eye so she does look different now, but even though she only has one eye she is still so beautifull.

PS:sorry bout the bad spelling!
Thanks for posting this. I live in Lynden and have been considering getting another dog, so this is very good to know now.
Oh poor baby! Glad you posted this for others!
It is probably not worth asking, but was the breeder AKC certified? You can report them to the AKC. They may decide to pull them from the list of acceptable breeders, and the AKC can refuse to certify other dogs from that breeder.

You can also report them to the ASPCA if there is severe inbreeding, it may be considered animal abuse.
I agree with Derek. I would check the AKC thing and the ASPCA out. If they are irresponsible breeders by inbreeding. They should not be breeding. This sort of thing makes me sooooooo mad. Anyway. Thanks for posting for others to be informed. Very important. Kudos
The breeder was AKC registered and certified but obviously was'nt following the akc breeding rules.
You can try and tell AKC or ASPCA but from the lack of information provided, nothing can really be done. It is not against any law or rule to put an animal to sleep for whatever reason the owner see's fit. Not that I would do it but some people want their animals put to sleep if they die, even if there is nothing wrong with it. Inbreeding also is not against any law or rule with AKC. Sometimes even "good" breeders will do it, you may not agree with it but it is their right to make that decision. Did they tell you it was because it was inbred? Sometimes even the best breeders in the world will have birth defects, being a responsible breeder does not protect you from some random heartbreaking birth defects.

Don't intend to defend anybody who is truly substandard but not enough info to make such a stark judgment.
Well thankfully this person stoped breeding corgis, but i hear she still breed boxers so who knows how messed up those dogs are.
Line-breeding is common, inbreeding less so, but even with good breeders it's also possible that "Whoopsee" breedings can happen. If a breeder has males and females on site, they are often very closely related and would not be intentionally bred, but sometimes a bitch has a silent heat or someone leaves a gate unlatched and the next thing you know....

The (very good) breeder we used had a mistake breeding, and the two dogs were related but not unacceptably so. The female came into season and went out of season and she waited well past the normal fertile period to let the female loose with boys again. Well past. And the next thing she knew she looked outside and the female was being bred. And she's been breeding Corgis for 30 years and knows when a fertile period is supposed to be, but sometimes nature is a funny thing.

So I too would want to know more before making a judgement. But Melanie, it was very big-hearted of you to take in a special needs dog, so kudos to you for that.
I am very glad that she's OK and you love her, but it's correct that nothing about this screams "bad breeder" to me. Inbreeding doesn't "cause" anything; it concentrates genes and sometimes you can end up with health issues but pretty often you don't. An eye issue like that in a Pem sounds to me like a congenital thing (a problem with development before birth), not anything genetic.

And yes, we do choose to put down dogs and puppies, probably more often than anyone feels comfortable talking about. When a puppy is born with something very obviously wrong with it, we have to make the decision based on whether we think we can find a home for that puppy that will care for it for the next ten or twelve years, when the problem makes life really difficult for that owner and the dog isn't cute and vulnerable anymore. We have to ask them to take on additional expenses and the possibility of early death and heartbreak. You did the right thing, but many owners would not, so breeders often decide that a short life free from pain or fear is better than a long life of uncertainty.

The AKC doesn't "certify" any breeder. If you breed two AKC-registered dogs, you're a breeder. AKC does *inspect* breeders who produce more than a certain number of litters a year, but it doesn't make judgments about which breedings are good or bad (and, really, that's a good thing; no lackey at AKC could possibly know my dogs' bloodlines as well as I do) and as long as the dogs are well cared for and the paperwork is accurate the breeder will pass inspection. Since "inbreeding" (and without looking at the pedigrees I don't know if this was what happened to your dog anyway) is not illegal or an unacceptable practice, there's no reason to call anyone as long as the dogs in the breeder's home are cared for acceptably.
Glad you posted this. I'm sure it's a touchy, unpleasant subject, but people kill dogs all the time for all kinds of reasons, some defensible, some not, and mercy can be one of them. Depending upon how unhealthy an animal is, you're not automatically doing it a favor by keeping it alive. This may sound cold, but life in Nature can be a lot colder.
And think of all the perfectly healthy shelter dogs that are killed every day because they have no homes; that should enter the calculation too.
Thanks for all that info. I didn't know all that. :D


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