Besides from shedding 24/7 usually. :p


Is it February and August?  Please tell me it's Feb, because he's shedding NONSTOP in last few days.  Usually when I furminate him, the plucking becomes scarce after 10-15 minutes.


Now, fur comes out endlessly the more I brush him.


Are the shedding times universal regardless of climate?  Would a corgi in NY (here) shed same times as a corgi in a year-around hot climate like Texas?

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Torri's seems to be Jan. to June, then second season July to Dec.  Furminating helps, but doesn't end shedding.
I could tell you February but it isn't true! LOl! Sorry, corgis shed some year round and at different times and mine never shed (or blow their coats) at the same time. I live in Michigan.
Seanna blew most of her coat late Jan-mid February.  She's pretty much done now...shew.  It's AMAZING how much fur I can get off of her during shedding season.  I think it's correlated with the length of the days, so when it starts probably depends on where you are in relation to the equator...
Mine don't shed at the same either. Bella is shedding right now...Livvy shed last month and we have 4 more to go. Sometimes with my mommas it seems like after pups and nursing they shed. We love furminators here but only take off the loose fur as too much isn't good!
January to December.
You could always get the Bissel  vacuum adapter to directly vacuum the dog. :D  With how they shed it's either vacuum them or the furniture.

I have two boys and they shed year round and a good amount.  If I really brush them once a week, it's pretty much under control.  I have the Kenmore vacuum cleaner that Consumer Reports recommended for pet hair.


In a discussion with my breeder she said unspayed females go through much more extreme coat changes than males because of their menstrual cycles.  She said it could be the devil for competitions if both events occurred at the same time.


If there is a time when my boys shed even more than they normally do, it's right now as we hope to go into the warmer months.

My boys are soooooooooo lucky they are cute and lovable because I wouldn't vacuum and furminate this much for anyone else.

Right now Lilliput has the most beautiful, full coat I think I have ever seen on her. No tufts to pluck either. It's making me very nervous about what's coming next. She's five years old now. Does the coat get fuller with age? Or are corgis are like wooly caterpillars, and grow coats that predict the coming winter weather?


Now that I think about it, I may have been feeding her a different food last winter. Either way, this blow-out is going to be MESSY!

Climate does play into shedding. Dogs in Texas don't put on as heavy a coat as dogs in the northern region. Old timers used to watch the heaviness of animals coats & when they shed to gauge both the severity of winter & the arrival of spring. Shedding is not an exact science nor does it happen on a set schedule. We are in Wyoming. The dogs had a medium/heavy winter coat and show no signs of shedding yet. I'm hoping they start soon.(we need spring!) When we first got a Corgi we were told that they don't just shed--they 'blow fur' twice a year, and boy do they!


Our boys usually shed in late March and again in October. Another concern is their thyroid function. IF the dog hasnt finished up his shed in a couple weeks, you might have the vet test him fro any health issues. One of our fellas shed non-stop until we found he had no thyroid function (the 42 pounds was a hint) Now he sheds with the rest & our mini-vacs get a work out.

Sarah K

Sabre (in WV where we have allllll four seasons) sheds all the time. He hates being brushed, but loves being vacuumed so we just vacuum him once or twice a week when we vacuum the house :-P he also gets a "deshedding" treatment at the groomer every few months


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