What breed Aussie or Cardigan, or something else?

Me and my fiance' are considering getting another puppy around Christmas/New Years. We both want a dog that has enough energy to keep up with Harlly but not so much energy that we cant keep up with him. My fiance seems pretty set on wanting an Australian Shepherd, and i think they are beautiful dogs (love the blue Merle) but I'm worried that the size and energy level may be to much for us, we live in an apartment, and my fiance plans on getting int a house before a new puppy would be 6 months so it would have enough space, but I'm just not 100% sure that's going to happen you know. I really would love another corgi, i really want a cardigan. I think they are adorable, and really what is cuter than 1 corgi? 2 corgis that's what lol. I think I've almost convinced him this is the route to go, but would like to hear what more experienced dog owners thing and what their experience are. Also i am having trouble finding a Cardigan breeder near houston, so if anyone knows of one, that would be a great help.

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I would definitely vote for a blue merle cardigan!!
thats exactly what i want, and my fiance likes them too, but we cant find a breeder, and he is just so set on the Aussie.
I vote for Blue Merle cardigan too!!
Lance says get a blue merle cardi like me:

I loove Aussie's. My brother dogsits his friends red merle and she one of my favorite dogs ever! Her owner has 5 acres though and I think they probably need more space than a corgi. When I reserached the breeds it said corgi's can do ok in an apartment while Aussie's need more space. I am with bev on the cardi. Better to get a dog that fits your life now so you won't have added pressure to buy a house! Blue merles are so super cute but I know they are hard to find.
Aussies might be my fantasy breed, but we work full time and I don't think I could keep up with one. I met a female at Riverfest; her owner said he ran about 5 miles a day with her and it was not enough. She was leashed and kept trying to circle the group of people to get them closer together. They have much stronger herding drives than corgis. If he insists, please get one from Aussie rescue that has proved to be low energy, unless you intend to do herding, agility, flyball, etc.
aww what a handsome corgi Lance is, see that's exactly what i want. I just have to find a breeder in my vicinity lol.
Thank You :) Good Luck fnding a blue merle, I know they are harder to find, hope you are able to locate one. When we got Lance we didnt know how hard they are to find!!!! We really lucked out finding him, not even looking for a blue merle. : ) If we ever decided to get a second blue merle I hope it wont be too hard to find one. This site is a great place to start looking for a place where you could possibly find a blue merle near you though!
What about a Mini Aussie as a second option to the Blue Merle Cardigan?
I have an Aussie and he is a wonderful dog most of the time but when he sheds...expect 4 x's as much hair...he will spend hours chasing flying birds...he grew up in town at my daughters in a fenced in yard and was great in the yard but became very protective after my grandson was born...and they think he was being teased in his back yard fence...so he did fine in a house but he is probably happier on 5 acres...he gets along great with the corgis....(they think he's a sheep) so yes it's possible but I would vote for the cardi...you can check out my pic page to see him!
I'm an Aussie (person) and I think that an Aussie may be a little too much for a small space. Here they run around in paddocks (acres and acres) and an apartment might be a little too confining. You'd need a large yard at your planned new house, or a lot of time for exercise. Perhaps see if there's any Aussie websites for more information (to either convince you or your fiance), although I don't think there's anything like mycorgi.com for other dogs.
I had a blue merle Aussie growing up and now I have Finnigan our blue merle Cardi. Finn has a ton of energy, at least as much as an Aussie, but most of that is probably because he is young. Our Aussie was a great dog and we didn't have to struggle to keep up with her but having three other dogs and a back yard probably helped drain her energy a lot. We live in an apartment now and while we were originally waiting to get a house before getting a Cardi, I didn't see it happening in the near future and didn't want to wait anymore so I talked to different breeders to find out if they truly are ok in apartments and they all said yes so we made the decision to get one. We were set on having a blue merle male with two different colored eyes so we searched nearby breeders, got to know them and learned about their dogs then finally chose to work with a breeder out of state who was planning a litter to include blues in the next few months. We were lucky to get the exact pup we wanted and it was worth driving out of state to get him. The whole process from locating a breeder to getting Finn took about 6 months. I would say don't rush; take your time choosing your breeder and puppy and if you are not sure you will be moving either opt to wait and see if the house situation works out before getting another dog or decide on a breed that is known to do well in apartments. The last thing you want is a bored puppy that will be destructive and bark and cause your neighbors to complain. Aussies are easy to find in any color. You'll have to work a little harder to find a blue Cardi. Start by looking at the breeders on this site:


Good luck!
I have a blue merle aussie with different eyes. He is 5 almost 6 years old. He would have been fine raised in an apartment. That being said, he may be an exception. He has always been laid back. If you really want an aussie go for a breeder that breeds for pet not for herding. That way his herding instincts will be somewhat less than that of a ranch bred herding dog. He will still need dog park time and some vigorous exercise and maybe a back pack for him to feel like he has a job. My aussie Hank is wonderful and I wouldn't trade him. He has always been obedient and never beed destructive. I love him.


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