Since we started taking Jerry to the dog park a few weeks ago, I have been really pleased with his behavior, learning ability, social strides and, frankly, he is recall training haha.

The dog park that is down the street from our house is very low key (so far) and frequented by a wide age range of dogs who all seem pretty tolerant of Jerry's young age and style of play.  I've been getting so many funny statements from the other dog owners who enjoy Jerry's energy.

"We like Jerry. He gets everyone up and moving.  He's the organizer!"

"Oh look, Jerry's here, Ella.  Time to exercise!"

"Jerry doesn't want them to play over there I guess."

I want to start calling him Coach Jerry.  Don't even get me started on when another corgi puppy showed up and then ran around the entire group of dogs in two, fast-moving circles.

What funny things have others said about your corgis during play or socialization?  The herding traits crack me UP.  Especially when they're still such floppy, uncoordinated pups.

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everyone loves when i bring Baden since he is so well manured. if a dog dosnt want to play he just leaves them alone and if a dog is very shy he will show them that he is friendly and submissive and encourages them to play. hes usually the one to get first time puppies to play and shows them what to do, its so cute lol but mostly people are amazed at how fast he is. ill throw a ball for him and other dogs such as labs will run after it and hes usually the first one to grab it. we call it his turbo jets and some will yell out "incoming! badens got his turbo jets on!" lol

That's cute and fun :)  Sounds like a true herder to me!  Mine is not even 5 months and is always placing the dogs around him exactly where he wants them to be!  But we went to a corgi meet this past weekend and he was a little shy at first because there were a LOT of dogs there.  After a while another puppy his age showed up and they played for over an hour and everyone was taking pics/vids of them instead of their own dogs :)

I also always love to hear people talk about how sweet but playful he is!

People always ask if my fluffy is a mixed breed and say they have never seen a corgi with her type of coat. They notice how submissive she is and how well she gets along with other dogs. The usual suspects are always cheering "lily is here!"and since she is still a puppy the more agressive dog owners yell at their dog to leave her alone. Its all good, though. She just loves to play with any dog that is willing.

We have stopped going to our local dog park because of a few people who come an don't follow the rules....people keep bringing their non-fixed dogs (against the rules) who tend to get aggressive and change the atmosphere in the park.

However, my dog does play with his shepherd friends at the training club I take him to.  they have a nice 5 acre fenced park. 


He is the dog they can count on to get their dog running!

"Here comes Sonny, you're gonna get some exercise :o) "


He'll herd them at top speed, and they seem to love it.  It's funny, because sometimes while he is chasing, he'll barrel roll through their legs, under their tummy, as they are running at full speed, and somehow end up running on the other side of the dog. Everyone gets a kick out of how bold he is, and tough, for such a little guy (compared to the 90 pound shepherds he plays with)

Yes, amazing how fast the corgis can go...for such short legs, and they can really "turn on a dime".


ps....Love the picture of Baden and your cat both looking out the window together

thank you, i couldnt believe i got that photo because they never sit together looking out the window like that. usually they take turns, hard to believe my maincoon cat is as big as my corgi lol but they are well known for that

Back when we took Sophie to the dog park (stopped due to some poorly behaved dogs and owners who started showing up there), everyone laughed at how Sophie "herded" all the other dogs, triangulating the position of where they were running and heading them off at the pass, and how she stopped on a dime to avoid getting muddy and wet in the big puddles that showed up after the rains. The other dogs would be filthy and shaking mud all over and Sophie would be spic and span with just a little dirt on her paws (and sometimes undercarriage, depending upon how long the grass was!), luckily for us. Both our corgis were more interested in the people than the dogs, though, so a trip to the dog park was 10-15 minutes of herding and then racking up belly rubs, ear scritches and pets from the humans for the rest of the time.

Our corgi does the same triangulating thing......he's amazingly fast, but there are some dogs he can't keep up with, so as the faster dog is running and starts to turn, he figures out where he will soon be and  "cuts him off at the pass" ... corgis have great timing and can really read the other dogs.  Mine doesn't care about mud and puddles though.....I think he actually aims for them !   I have to keep towels in the car if we're out :o)


I've found that if I go to the dog park in the winter or bad weather days, the more dedicated and knowledgable dog owners tend to be there

Since Sully has the energy level of hard-boiled egg, and she doesn't like to play, people always comment on how calm she is. She never barks, except maybe once every few months when I go out without her. Rarely is that more than one or two barks, but she did howl a couple of times. I wish she hard a park or a run at least. I would like to see her play so I can be sure she is happy, but she does wag her "ass" so I guess she is happy. Apparently dog parks are a city thing. I have never seen one out side of the city so dog play and socializing is not easy here. There is another dog next door that is tiny and really cute, but CRAZY and hyper. They like each other, but The little terrier-mix just pissed on Sully more than once I think. He uses those potty pads in the house so he must be confused. I am not sure if I would like to go to a dog park. Are they as stressful and annoying as they seem or can the be fun for all as well?


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