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exactly ^^ thats why there are so many brands out there. not one brand is going to suit everyone's dog


I absolutely agree with you. I have been experimenting for years. I thought that PetGuard was a good food but Tipper did not like every flavor. It can also be hard to find so you can't shop around for price savings. Blue is always held up as great but i wasn't impressed.

Tiki Dog seems like a good food. Tipper loved it (it looks pretty darn tasty!) but the cans are small so it can get expensive. I finally settled on Vet's Choice. It has never been recalled and is produced a small family owned company in the US. A lot of holistic vets prefer it over other commercial foods. Tipper loves. Her coat is soft and shiny and she's a healthy and fit eight year old.

Every dog is different so you really have to watch and see what works best.

glad u found a brand that you trust and that works for you. in the end thats what it is all about :)

Darwins Raw...Riley and Maggie May get a variety...beef, chicken, turkey, bison and duck.   Something different everyday.   They also enjoy Tripe, as a treat, once in awhile.

Rebecca....that's the best response I have ever read on what to feed your dog or cat!

thank you Linda. i keep seeing huge debates on pet food everywhere on the internet and after what i went through that is what i ended up learning so when people ask me what i feed my pets and why, i explain why that brand is great for me but should see what will work for their own pets

I've known for some time now that I'd eventually have to switch Ellie's food. Pet stores aren't carrying her formula anymore (Wellness Whitefish & Sweet Potato) and I'm so reluctant to order through Amazon because we haven't always gotten good quality food when I ordered online before. Ellie has such a sensitive stomach. It took us several uncomfortable (and messy) months to find this formula the first time around. I would love to stick with Wellness. It's been a great food for us, but Ellie can't digest any other formula they have in pet stores and she doesn't care for Wellness Simple. She likes Merrick treats so I think we'll start there and see how that goes. Hopefully a combination of knowing she needs a single fish-based protein source and mixing in pumpkin as we switch will save us from the tummy troubles this time.

I've been buying Wellness at Whole Foods, but not that particular formula. If you have a WF within reasonable driving distance, you might ask them. They might special-order it for you. Also, sometimes tack & feed stores can get a specific product for you.

try :) i order all my pet stuff from there and have had no issues in the past 6months and i always get it the next day i order. u also save a lot of money ordering from them VS. a pet store

I bought a bag of Merrick Salmon & Sweet Potato and started transitioning Ellie before I saw these replies. (Ooops.) I think I'm going to keep going with the Merrick. Ellie was enthusiastic about her food like I haven't seen for a long time and there have been no digestive issues. I fed her a few of the Merrick kibbles before dinner just to see if she'd eat it at all and she followed me around begging for more. I mean, she's a Corgi so that's natural, but I'm going to take that as a good omen. We'll see how she does once she's fully on Merrick without pumpkin. I might have to special order Wellness in the end, but I'd prefer to feed her something I can run to the store and pick up anytime if I can.

I feed mine Fromm.  It comes in all sorts of great flavors with premium ingredients (with similar formulas aside from the meat, so their stool doesn't get loose) so he never gets bored of the taste!  For high quality, it's not that expensive.  A 3mo supply for $50.  He was a VERY picky eater as a small pup (5-16weeks) but absolutely inhales this stuff to the point that I had to get him a special bowl to slow down his eating. :)


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