For some reason, shed hair is a factor a lot of people consider when they're looking into getting a dog or a cat.  For Corgis in particular, I've seen quite a few people just turn down the prospect of a Corgi because they shed. Most websites say Corgis shed "a lot" or "twice a year" or whatever.  That's all just blatantly false.  Allow me to explain with a picture.

What you see above is a picture of my trash can, which just happens to contain the bowels of my vacuum cleaner.  Not only is the bag absolutely stuffed after, at MOST, 5 uses, there are many dense columns of hair beneath the bag.  That was the hair that was clogging the entire length of the hose.  Five times vacuuming my 900 sq ft apartment resulted in this tragic scene.  Five.  

So, I have to say again, what they say about Corgis shedding just isn't true.  They don't shed "a lot" or "twice a year".  They shed enough to clothe an entire tribe of Inuits for three winters. They shed enough that a single household of Corgis fills 80% of the local landfill space with shed hair.  They shed enough that you will find Corgi hair in your food in a restaurant 400 miles from your home.

Don't believe the hype. Spread the truth TODAY!

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They do shed twice a year, each last 6 months!

Is it just the Pembroke breed that does this copious amount of shedding? Ace was "blowing coat" in November and he was dumping hair left and right. It stopped within 10 days - one day I would pet him and get a fistful of downy undercoat, the next I would have nothing. I know that Pembrokes have a different feel to their coat compared to Cardigans; perhaps that's a contributing factor to the difference?

That or, Ace is just really stingy with his undercoat.

When I lived with both a pem and a cardi I noticed the pem shredded more. My cardi still would and did a lot when his adult coat came in, but NOTHING compared to the pem. HAIR EVERYWHERE!!!! But I loved it :)
*shedded, not shredded. Or shed? Whew!

They shred, too.  Give your corgi your tax return.

John you made me laugh , ..  this statement is so true , i have seen both of mine shred something large in two minutes flat.


Lucy sheds and then shreds student papers. She loves dragging them off the sofa, spreading them around and, well, shredding into bits and pieces. I have to have students send me extra copies. Then she shakes herself and sheds all over the paper bits, looks up at me, her tongue hanging out on the side, wagging her little nubbin. .

Great image!

The type of hair Grace has is like yours.  Now my girlfriends Corgi was a big shedder. Now this picture there could be other issues here too.  Not to say they shed some..  But this is to much and I'ld say was this from a shedding spell. 

Part of it might be because he's still a puppy too!  

Good point! I fear the worst. :D


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