Hi everyone,

I just adopted two puppies. They're now 8 weeks old. I was told by the original owner that they are Pembroke Corgis, but after doing some research, I'm confused.
They have short legs like Corgis, and at first I thought they might be Cardigan Corgis as they have tails. But their tails are relatively thin compared to most of the Cardi pictures I've seen online.

Are my puppies Corgi mixes? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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They are a pair of cute mixes.
They are darling. Their faces are fatter than a corgi pup and ears are down but it may take them getting a little bigger to guess what the other part(s) are! Congratulations.
Very cute but definitely mixes. Most Pems are born with tails.
They're adorable but I'm thinking like the other folks, they're mixes.  But they're cuties!!!!!
I don't think so.  They might have some corgi in them, hard to tell at this age,  but they are definitely not pure-bred.  I think the golden has golden retriever in him.  Not sure about the other.  They are cute though!  My favorite dog of all time was a lab/corgi mix, and he was absolutely the best dog ever.
Yep, very cute mixes.

Well... they are not corgis, but they are certainly adorable!  


I think they might be a fluffy dachshund mixed with a golden or a lab... I'm having a very hard time finding any corgi in there besides short legs.  But, they are still young, and I could be wrong!


Edit: You know, maybe they are YORKIE mixes.  Lots of people confuse Yorkies with Corgis!  My dad included.  He said "Yorkie" forever but he meant "Corgi".

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Your input has been so useful, I've never thought of a dachshund, I'll definitely look further into that
The blonde looks like lab/corgi and the black one looks like beagle/corgi.
I agree that it doesn't look like they have much corgi at all, to me the look much more dachshund than corgi. They are cute though!

Thanks again for all the replies! I found this picture of a Dorgi (Dachshund and Corgi mix), which resembles my puppies.

They have the same almond shaped eyes and tail of a Dachshund, but their ears are shorter and when I lift them up they're slightly pointy.

Could my puppies possibly be Dorgis?

Could be the colors sure could be doxies.


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